Hate Raids Are Targeting LGBTQ+ Twitch Streamers Again

Cozy.tv, a streaming service founded by white nationalist Nick Fuentes, is hosting and encouraging hate raids on Twitch streamers. This comes after women and LGBTQ+ creators on the platform have been forced to end their streams early due to a new wave of abuse on the platform, which they linked back to the small, alt-right Twitch rival.

The affected streamers report having to contend with spam in Twitch chatrooms, Discord servers, and DMs. The spam is typically homophobic and transphobic in nature, and forces creators to end their streams early. Fuentes has responded positively to the abuse stemming from his platform, meaning there will be no moderation to stop this on his end.

As reported by Dot Esports, streamers EarthToBre, Blizzb3ar, and xProvexx first shed light on the recent wave of abuse. In response, Fuentes, a self proclaimed incel, went on to mock those who complained about the abuse.

In the absence of Cozy.tv moderating itself, Twitch has indicated that it will be taking action. It revealed that it has already suspended the accounts participating in the abuse from its own platform.

However, since much of the harassment is coming from elsewhere, Twitch renewed its pledge to take legal action against those who abuse its content creators. It has done this in the past, when hate raids first made the headlines. It is unknown if this means Twitch will be targetting Fuentes himself, who is already banned from the platform (among many others).

Since the initial reports, Twitch has not commented on the matter further. It closed off its statement on practical advice that streamers can take now, hopefully mitigating the chances of falling victim to a hate raid while Twitch pursues its options. This is in addition to tools it introduced last year.

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