Hatch and Raise Your Own AR Dragon With Dragon Federation

If franchises like Game of Thrones are anything to go by, mythical dragons are very popular and if most people had a chance to own a real one they probably would do. While that’s not possible in real life, thanks to some digital magic using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) Dragon Federation is making that fantasy a little more real.

All dragons come from eggs and that’s exactly where Dragon Federation starts its journey. You purchase an egg and then using the free app nurture and grow your own baby dragon for around 2 months using AR technology, with your actions determining when it hatches. The app allows you to peer through the shell and see the embryo, check its vitals, receive notifications to adjust climate or position, and begin the bonding process by speaking with your dragon as it learns your voice.

Once it hatches you can then use VR to enter the dragon realm and further the process. Using a headset like HTC Vive, you can then touch, play with, and train your dragon as it develops into the Mountain Skál species, a creature with up to an imposing thirty-five-foot wingspan.

The bring the Dragon Federation project to life the team launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign last week looking to raise $30,000 USD. That was easily achieved on the first day, with a month still left to go. While there are several small funding tiers which help to support the project, if you want to own an egg and eventually hatch your own dragon it’s going to cost a little more. Eggs come in Common, Uncommon, Rare and Extremely Rare variations, with a Common Egg: Brown Grey costing $140 as an Early Bird offer (full retail price will be $200). However, if your tastes are slightly more exotic then there’s a $2,000 funding tier for an Extremely Rare Egg: Pure White, which also includes a jacket and other goodies.

The Dragon Federation project will launch next year, with backers estimated to receive their eggs in May 2020. Should the endeavour prove successful Dragon Federation will then expand with more eggs and species in the future. For further updates on the Kickstarter, keep reading VRFocus.

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