Halo YouTuber Wins 100 Free-For-All Slayer Matches In A Row

Halo Infinite's multiplayer has been free and available to play to anyone and everyone with an Xbox One, Series X|S, or a PC that can handle it for almost two months now. Those of you who have been playing since launch and have been playing it consistently for all that time are probably pretty good by now. However, very few, if any of us are good enough that we will be winning 100 Slayer matches in a row anytime soon, if ever.

Especially when someone has already managed to do that. YouTuber Mint Blitz closed out their 2021 by winning more than 100 Slayer matches in a row. If you don't believe that's possible, then check out the compilation below. The eight-minute video includes highlights from Mint Blitz's 100+ victories, and there are some pretty special moments in there.

As Mint Blitz scrolls through their list of victories, they address the one rogue seventh place in a list of wins. In that match, the Aussie was ten kills ahead of their next closest competitor when their PC crashed. There's even proof of the crash in the video below. If you're not willing to give them a pass for that, well, take that up with Mint Blitz yourself. Everyone else appears to be okay with it.

As Mint Blitz's highlights play, they run through what they learned throughout their 106 streak journey. Knowing the maps backwards and forwards. Figuring out which weapons are really the most effective and how Infinite's multiplayer differs from previous Halo games. Also that the initial challenge was to win 50 free-for-all Slayer matches in a row but that became 100 when they closed in on 50 and realized they could just keep going.

If the name Mint Blitz rings a bell, the YouTuber discovered and flaunted an exploit that allows you to fly across the game's map before the full game had even launched. If you haven't seen that in action but you still think you might know the name Mint Blitz from somewhere, maybe you were one of the many people to have fallen to their energy sword during the 106-game winning streak they went on a few days ago.

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