Halo Just Released A Master Chief Halloween Costume (And People Can’t Stop Making Fun Of It)

Halo just announced that an officially licensed Master Chief Halloween costume is now available for purchase, and the folks on Twitter have a few things to say about it. Most of it is pretty mean, but also absolutely hilarious.

Before we get into the awful tweets, I have to say that I don’t think the costume is completely terrible. Sure, it’s a bit tacky and won’t appeal to anyone old enough to walk to school by themselves, but I can see my little cousins running around with this costume on and having a blast while Trick or Treating.

Nonetheless, there are things that have to be said.

One of the best comments is simply a picture of another terrible costume – I think he’s supposed to be a shark?

Then we’ve got a Master Chief knock-off costume that’s somehow even worse than the official one. Dubbed the “Space Traveller” costume, it’s clearly meant to get as close as possible to Chief’s iconic design without getting its creator sued.


Another user thinks that the official costume is so bad that is looks like another third-party knock-off:

I’m not sure if this guy is trolling or if he’s being serious, but I’m here for it either way:

And the most inappropriate tweet of the day goes to @The7thODST, whose tweet was so bad that people actually came to the defense of the costume.

Despite a less-than-stellar showing earlier this year, Halo Infinite is still one of the Xbox Series X’s most anticipated titles. It has a lot of work to do in regards to creating graphics that look at home on a next-gen console, but this Twitter user is just glad to see Microsoft is giving us updates on its progress:

If you’re actually interested in purchasing the costume, you can find it on Amazon for less than $40. It’s got a terrible name to match the design – Halo Infinite Master Chief Costume, Kids Size Muscle Padded Video Game Inspired Character Jumpsuit – but claims that it’s a “Quality costume for happy kids” and that you can “become a hero and save the galaxy” with its comfortable jumpsuit design.

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