Halo Infinite Players Are Using The Grav Hammer And Grappleshot As A Slingshot

Halo Infinite appears to be supplying its players with plenty of ways to creatively use its various violent toys. We've already seen examples of this in Infinite's multiplayer mode, which has seen Spartans use items like the Repulsor or the Grappleshot to do some ridiculous stunts and murderous feats.

The Grappleshot in particular seems like it's going to lead to some innovative gameplay clips in the future as it's by far the most useful and fun addition to Master Chief's arsenal. As we head towards the launch of Halo Infinite's single-player campaign, you can expect to see videos of players zipping around Zeta Halo like they're a power-armored Spider-Man.

In fact, we're already starting to get some of these clips as one player has figured out that the combination of a Grappleshot and a Gravity Hammer can make for an easy way to fling yourself several kilometers across Infinite's expansive map.

This clip from an Australian Youtuber named Mint Blitz shows that by smashing a Warthog with a Gravity Hammer and then quickly grappling onto it, you can turn Master Chief into a flying, rocket-firing bird of prey. And you don't just get a few feet off the ground either. According to another tweet by Blitz, this allowed him to glide for 3 kilometers before landing on the roof of a very tall building. This clip alone may be a sign that Halo Infinite's campaign is going to allow for tons of experimentation with its gameplay. Either that, or it may be broken in the best way possible.

It's always great when open-world games feature mechanics that even the developers didn't realize were possible. Perhaps the best example of this is Breath Of The Wild. That ground-breaking title came out over 4 years ago and players are still figuring new ways to skip past whole sections of the game or use its tools to pull off wild combos just so they can kill a single Moblin. It's hard to say whether Halo Infinite will allow for that level of freedom with its gameplay, but we can certainly hope that it will.

For anyone looking to try this Grav Hammer and Grappleshot combo, you won't have to wait much longer as Halo Infinite's story campaign is out on December 8th. But if you absolutely need to do some stabbing with an Energy Sword right now, you can dip into the excellent multiplayer mode until then.

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