Halo Infinite: Mjolnir Armory Locations

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Halo Infinite has been a true return to form for the long-running, alien-blasting franchise. The addition of sn open-world plus one of the best grappling hooks in video game history has made Master Chief's latest adventure go from a game we were worried about to one of the most pleasant surprises of 2021.

However, while there's a lot to praise about Infinite, many players have been vocal about its awful progression system for the multiplayer modes that make getting cosmetics either a grind or a bit of a rip-off. That's why it's nice that the single-player campaign offers up the Mjolnir Armories, which are collectibles that bestow cosmetic items that you can equip in multiplayer. So at least you can put something on your gear if you don't feel like shelling out real cash for the paltry offerings in Infinite's store.

There are 34 Mjolnir Armor Lockers spread out across the map of Zeta Halo. This guide will show you where they all are and tell you what you'll find inside.

Outpost Tremonius

This is potentially the very first Mjolnir Armory you can find in the game once you're past the second campaign mission, Foundation. You may stumble across it while you're in the middle of clearing out all of the Banished enemies within Outpost Tremonius. It'll be found just a little north of the Outpost Tremonius marker on the Tacmap. Open it up to get the Obelisk Stone MKVII Armor Coating.

First Region

In the first region of Zeta Halo, there are 5 Mjolnir Armories you can discover.

One of the first Mjolnir Armories you can come across in the open world is found on a hill west of the Ransom Keep outpost. There will be a few Brutes patrolling the area that you'll have to deal with. You'll find the Armory leaning against a tree trunk. Inside will be the Olympic Stance.

The next locker is found southeast of where you rescue Starlight Squad at the southern-most edge of the map. There will be quite a few Jackals around here so be careful or you might wind up getting sniped. You'll receive the Banished Deception Warthog Coating for finding this one.

A bit east of the diamond-shaped marker for the mission called Recovery is where the next Armory is located. It's down in a shallow canyon and has the Windfall Armor Emblem inside.

This Armory is southwest of The Tower mission marker. It may be one of the first times you encounter a cloaked Elite armed with an Energy Sword. After the enemies are all taken care of, it'll be leaning against the rock wall. You'll get the Scorpion Horvath MKVII Armor Coating for your troubles.

This one is hidden rather well. Look around the area of the story mission called The Tower to the southwest . Scan around and this particular locker will be below you underneath the outpost. Go down to unlock it and receive the Midnight Griffin MKVII Armor Coating.

Second Region

When you reach the second region of the map, there will be 14 Mjolnir Armories for you to find.

A tad northwest of FOB Alpha, you'll find this locker lying down in a cave. The Warmaster's Prize SPNKr Coating will be waiting for you inside.

This Armory can be found southwest of the marker for the story mission Excavation Site on your map. Scan around for it and you'll earn yourself a Banished Nameplate.

Go slightly northeast of where you can rescue Courier Squad to find this locker up a hill. The Infinity Nameplate is inside.

This Armory is southwest of FOB Echo and a little east of the bridge that connects the first and second regions. Climb up some rocks to find it nestled between some trees and next to an S7 Sniper rifle. It'll contain the Banished Deception Ridgeback Coating.

Go south of where you rescue Lancer Squad. There should be a small force of Banished soldiers and some Ghosts around here. Open up the locker and you'll get a Banished Weapon Charm.

Titan Squad is yet another squad you'll need to save and this Mjolnir Armory will be southeast of that location. It'll be lying in a stream next to a small waterfall. This one contains the Banished Weapon Emblem.

Now if you travel southwest of the previous Armory, you'll find this one sitting underneath a bridge. It'll have the Warmaster Prize Bulldog Coating.

Climb up into the mountains northeast of a High-Value Target named BipBap. Kill any surrounding enemies and take the Banish Deception MKVII Armor Coating inside this Armory.

Go southeast of Jester Squad towards the edge of this island. The locker with Banished Armor Emblem will be near some sandbags and assorted USNC supplies on a platform of hexagonal pillars.

This one is pretty much smack dab in the middle of the mission markers for Excavation Site and Conservatory and a High-Value Target named Thav 'Sebarim. It's lying on a hill and has the Dogfight Makovich MKVII Armor Coating.

Proceed northwest of FOB Delta and this Armory will be right around the corner. The Shadow Sorel MKVII Armor Coating is your reward.

You're going to have to do some mountain climbing to get these next two lockers. Grappleshot your way up and head west and below the spot where you can rescue Foxhound Squad. You'll find this Armory overlooking a cliff with a nice view. Open it and you'll now have the Blood Shadow MKVII Armor Coating.

Not too far from the previous Armory and southeast of where you save Foxhound Squad, this one is near the edge of the map and is surrounded by the corpses of several unlucky USNC soldiers as well as one dead Elite with an Energy Sword. Not too hard to figure out what went down here. The Wild Kavan MKVII Armor Coating is inside.

The last locker of this region can be found in the middle of a small lake southeast of Outpost Tremonius surrounded by enemies. There's also a Forerunner Artifact not too far from it. Open up the Armory and the Crimson Vettel MKVII Armor Coating is all yours.

Third Region

This third island is essentially the location of the mission Pelican Down. There's only 1 Mjolnir Armory to find here.

You'll find this single locker next to a small storage unit a bit south of the West AA Gun. You'll unlock the Warmaster's Prize Battle Rifle coating. Onto the next region!

Fourth Region

The final area of Zeta Halo is perhaps the largest and has 13 Mjolnir Armories spread across it for you to discover. Around this region will be beacons that you'll need to visit to complete a mission called The Sequence.

The first locker is southeast of the marker for the story mission called The Sequence. It'll be close to the edge of the map. Aside from being a nice spot to watch the sunset, it'll also give you the Warmaster's Prize Commando Rifle Coating.

The next Armory is southwest of the Riven Gate outpost. Head up the rocky hills and you'll find this locker in an area filled with more abandoned USNC supplies. The Banished Deception Scorpion Coating is in this one.

To get this locker, you need to trek southwest from FOB Lima and across a wide gap. Take a Wasp, steal a Phantom, or just Grappleshot your way up to reach it. It'll near the edge of this ledge and will have the Griffin Armor Emblem.

When you head to the middle beacon, this Armory is atop some hexagonal pillars to the southwest. There will a gap that you can fall down here, so you'll have to Grappleshot or fly your way to it. You'll receive the Griffin Weapon Emblem for successfully making it here.

This locker is lying in a bog to the east of a High-Value Target named Myriad. There's a good chance that you'll run into Myriad here, which can be problematic since this HVT is actually a pair of tough Hunters. Be sure to have some heavy weapons equipped. The locker will have the Banished Deception Rockethog Coating in it.

The next Mjolnir Armory is on a hilltop in the middle of a High-Value Target named Skimmer Alpha and FOB Julia. Head up there to get yourself the Warmaster's Prize Assault Rifle Coating.

Atop the mountains northwest of the western beacon is where you can grab this Armory containing the Banished Deception Mongoose Coating.

This Armory is located north of Fortune Squad. It'll be next to a small lake and a crashed USNC ship. There'll be another Forerunner Artifact nearby as well. Open it to unlock the Infinity Armor Emblem.

You'll find this locker about halfway up the mountains northeast of the Riven Gate outpost. The easiest and quickest way there is likely with a Wasp or Phantom. The Windfall Nameplate is inside.

Now continue northwest of the previous Armory and up these mountains. It'll be close to the top resting next to some tree trunks. find it and claim the Banished Deception Gungoose Coating as your prize.

This Armory is north of FOB November and east of a High-Value Target named Zeretus. It'll be on some pillars overlooking the edge of the map. You'll be able to visit another Forerunner Artifact here too, but watch out for the small force of Banished soldiers stationed near it. This one has the Griffin Nameplate.

Head across the lake southeast of FOB November to discover the penultimate Armory, which contains the Dogtags Weapon Charm.

The 34th and final Mjolnir Armory may be one of the hardest to find since it may not appear on your Tacmap. Go down into the canyon southwest of FOB Lima. The ground should be made out of hexagonal pillars. Near the edge, you should see a splotch of fluorescent green goo that looks like this:

Go past that and grappleshot your way up the pillars that are lit up with green glowsticks. Scan around the area and you should be able to locate the locker. You'll get the Dogfight Makovich Wasp Coating as well as the Armory Amore achievement for finding every single Mjolnir Armory.

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