Halo Infinite Has No Exact Date Yet Because It’s Waiting On Other Games, Phil Spencer Says

Xbox’s Phil Spencer has assured that Halo Infinite is on track for holiday 2021 release, despite the game not having an exact date yet. According to Spencer, he’s confident in 343 Industries, and the launch window for the much anticipated title has been internally narrowed down to “a few weeks.”

Halo Infinite received plenty of attention during the Xbox/Bethesda E3 presentation with its multiplayer reveal, although there was no release date in the latest trailers leading to speculations around the web the game might be taking longer than expected. Spencer decided to clarify things regarding Halo Infinite having another potential delay on episode 280 of the Dropped Frames podcast.

As Xbox boss said, there are things to consider with some other big game releases on the way this holiday season. Spencer expressed his belief for all involved to have “better clarity” over the Summer, when the fans can expect the exact date for Halo Infinite. Again, Phil Spencer pointed out this isn’t a months thing, but rather a few weeks window that Microsoft is deciding for the best results. Check it here for yourself starting at 14:00 time frame:

While Spencer didn’t clarify if he referred to Microsoft-only upcoming releases or major games coming from other publishers, there is at least one elephant in the room — the next Call of Duty from Sledgehammer Games. Most likely, Activision’s annual FPS is also targeting a November release this year, so it’s no surprise Xbox wants to avoid a big confrontation. With Battlefield 2042 also joining the brawl on October 22, it’s wise for Microsoft to be fully aware of all the blockbusters slate before squeezing Halo Infinite in the schedule.

Previously there were some hints at what release window 343 Industries may be aiming for, as the official Brazilian Xbox account has claimed Halo Infinite is launching on November 9. Naturally, the Tweet was quickly deleted, so it’s possible that was only one of the potential days Microsoft is considering for launch.

As earlier announced, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will be free-to-play across Xbox and PC, meaning everyone can jump in with absolutely no restrictions. With that in mind, this year Halo can probably play in a different league, setting the stage for the brand as a service platform for years to come.

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