Halo Infinite Flight: Good news for gamers missing out on Halo beta download

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Today’s Halo Infinite Flight will provide those who have signed up for the Insider programme a chance to experience the new Master Chief game this week.

Scheduled to kick off on July 29, those who have been selected will be able to download and enjoy the upcoming multiplayer mode of the game, which is still in development.

Microsoft and developers 343 Industries are looking for a lot of feedback on the current build and have also warned that only a group of players will be selected.

So even if you do head over to the Halo Insider site and sign up now, there’s a good chance you won’t get to play.

But while that will be disappointing for long-time Halo fans, there is some good news. Microsoft has also confirmed that more of these Halo Infinite beta tests are being planned.

So it’s still worth signing up so that you have a chance at dropping into the Halo action later in 2021.

A message from 343 Industries explains: “Halo Infinite’s very first tech preview is just around the corner. It’s a moment we’ve been building up to for quite some time – and, we’re thrilled that so many of you are excited to dive in and check out what we’ve been hard at work on.

“Bearing in mind that the upcoming tech preview is truly a work-in-progress test, we want to make sure that you have all the information on hand so that you know when and what you are playing, where to deliver feedback, and everything in between.

“And as a reminder, while our plan is to get as many people into the tech preview as we possibly can, not every single Halo Insider will receive an invite.

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“If you don’t get in this time around, don’t despair! We still need to grow the scale of these tests in time on the road to launch, so your opportunities are far from over.”

Halo Infinite Preview access is not guaranteed but the sooner you sign up, the better your chances are for not missing out on an opportunity in the future.

To increase your chances for selection, make sure your Halo Insider settings are complete and accurate – you must be opted-in for communications, verify your email address, and select your desired platform(s).

And if you choose PC, 343 warns that you must upload a DXDIAG file to be eligible.

For those who miss out this week or next month, there will be plenty of Halo Infinite action to watch online.

Plenty of streamers will be given access, meaning there will be a lot of official footage that will be worth watching over the coming weeks and months.

Official play times for this week’s Halo beta include the following dates:

  • Thursday, July 29: Tech preview is officially live.
  • Friday, July 30 Scheduled Play Times: 12-2 PM PT, 7-9 PM PT
  • Saturday, July 31 Scheduled Play Times: 12-2 PM PT, 7-9 PM PT
  • Sunday, August 1 Scheduled Play Times: 12-2 PM PT, 7-9 PM PT
  • Monday, August 2: Tech preview closes at 10 AM PT

The Halo Infinite Preview is expected to go live sometime after 8pm BST in the UK.

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