Halo Infinite: Every Target And How To Beat Them

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  • Inka 'Saham
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  • Okro 'Vagaduun
  • Bipbap
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  • Barroth
  • Balkarus
  • En 'Geddon
  • Ik' Novus The Devourer
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  • Writh Kul
  • Skimmer Alpha
  • Myriad
  • Ordo 'Mal

Targets are minibosses scattered throughout the overworld of Halo Infinite. These VIPs not only provide a challenge to wandering players, but they also drop incredibly powerful equipment upon their deaths. The thrill of the hunt, as well as the great gear, is a tantalizing lure to encourage you to explore the expansive overworld of the game.

This guide will tell you how to find all 15 targets, the best ways to kill them, and the precious gear they reward you with. It cannot be expressed enough how powerful the weapon modifications are from killing these Targets, so it should be a top priority to hunt them down.

Inka 'Saham

Inka 'Saham's Location

Inka 'Saham is located on the far north end of Island two. Outpost Tremonius is a quick way to get to his location as it is the closest fast travel point to his outpost. A Wasp or a Banshee is also a good way to get to Island two as it is at the extreme far north end of the map as pictured here:

Make sure to exit your Wasp or Banshee as you approach the encampment, as it will be important to the strategy of taking on Inka 'Saham.

Fight Strategy For Inka 'Saham

Inka 'Saham should be a fairly easy target to dispatch, so long as you approach on foot. A few of his goons will be riding Ghosts. Hijack one of these to deal with his underlings. With that complete approach the target.

At the time of writing, Inka 'Saham has a bit of a line-of-sight glitch when it comes to Ghosts. Normally, he would take you on in a turret, but approaching in a Ghost will make him enter and exit the turret in a loop. Use this bug to your advantage and light him up whenever he is outside of the turret.

Inka 'Saham's Weapon Drop

Defeating Inka 'Saham rewards you with the Rapidfire Pulse Carbine. There isn't much to say about this weapon other than it does exactly what the name implies. It shoots much more quickly than the base Pulse Carbine. Not very flashy, but it will certainly get the job done.

Thav 'Sebarim

Thav 'Sebarim's Location

Thav 'Sebarim can be found near the center of the large central island. Head east of the Excavation Site, and you should run into him and his entourage.

Thav 'Sebarim Fight Strategy

Thav 'Sebarim starts the fight in a Ghost. This can be an annoyance, but remember that his AI will always prefer to be in a Ghost. This can be used to your advantage if you pull up to the fight in a Ghost of your own.

Basically, the best way to deal with this Target is to ride into his compound in a Ghost and kill as many of his cohorts as you can with it. Once your Ghost is heavily damaged, hop out and hijack Thav 'Sebarim's. This will leave you with an unblemished Ghost, and a Target who is easy to blow up.

Thav 'Sebarim's Weapon Drop

Defeating this Target rewards you with the Arcane Sentinel Beam. This gun is very similar to the existing Sentinel Beam, however, it only carries 80 rounds in a magazine, compared to the normal 250.

This sounds like a downgrade, but in fact, the Arcane Sentinel Beam can disintegrate an enemy in one second. This is half the time of a normal Sentinal Beam.

Okro 'Vagaduun

Okoro 'Vagaduun's Location

Okoro 'Vagaduun can be found southwest of FOB Golf and Ransom Keep. He can be found very early in the game, which is good news, as his weapon drop is very powerful. Stay along the west coast and you will run into him.

Okoro 'Vagaduun Fight Strategy

'Vagaduun wields an Energy Sword. As long as you keep a healthy distance from him, he should be easy to deal with. Be careful of the Grenades he periodically throws though, these are his only ranged attacks.

If you still have the Hydra from Foundations, this is the most powerful weapon you have access to early in the game, so it would make this fight very easy. Additionally, Needlers can mark his position as he stays invisible for most of the fight. If you step off of the hexagons that make up the battle arena, he will not follow you so you can refill your health.

Okoro 'Vagaduun's Weapon Drop

The Duelist Sword is the reward for killing Okoro 'Vagaduun. This sword increases the movement speed and jump height of the player who wields it.


Bipbap's Location

This Target can be found along the path from FOB Alpha and Bravo. More specifically, he is north of the Excavation Site, and southeast of the Armory of Reckoning.

Bipbap Fight Strategy

Bipbap is probably the first Target you will encounter, and he is suitably weak. He is a Grunt and will most likely not give you much trouble. Instead of focusing on him, turn your attention to the snipers in his band who will harass you through the fight.

Bipbap's Weapon Drop

The Calcine Disruptor is the reward for killing this target. It is a variant of the Disruptor weapon. The normal Disruptor can disable vehicles after seven shots. This variant deals increased damage and can disable vehicles in a single shot.


Briglard's Location

Found at the northern tip of Island one, Briglard can be found by patrolling the northern coast if you are having trouble finding him. His position is also marked because he makes camp on a hill near a bridge that connects the two islands.

Briglard Fight Strategy

This should be one of the easier fights in the game. Briglard and most of his entourage are Grunts. The Voltaic upgrade for the Grappleshot can make this fight more fun and can cause quite a bit of chaos for the poor Grunts.

Briglard's Weapon Drop

The Unbound Plasma Pistol is the reward for dealing with Briglard. This Plasma pistol shoots a barrage of plasma bolts when fully charged – rather than a single bolt.


Barroth's Location

Barroth is west of FOB Lima and FOB November. It is faster to get there by fast traveling to Riven Gate if you have it unlocked. His camp lays at the base of a large cliff and is surrounded on two sides by the cliff.

Barroth Fight Strategy

The two best ways to approach this fight are both from range. Barroth is a Jakal sniper, so approaching his camp head-on can be a challenge. Instead, try getting your hands on a Banshee and take him on from the air.

If the Banshee isn't an option for you, consider scaling all the way to the top of the cliff, and clearing his camp with a sniper rifle.

Barroth's Weapon Drop

The Stalker Rifle Ultra is the reward for dispatching this Target. This variant has a slower overheat and a higher ammo capacity than its original counterpart.


Balkarus's Location

Balkarus hides in a forest clearing north of the Forge of Teash. The area on the map is fairly distinct as it is nestled between two small rock formations.

Balkarus Fight Strategy

This fight occurs in a large clearing, so there is plenty of space to maneuver. Vehicles are highly recommended when taking on this target, as his band does not have access to any.

Balkarus is a Brute, so his health pool is relatively large. The only real challenge of this fight is that he has about a dozen Grunts and Jackals running around the area that can rack up damage on you quickly. Grenades are an effective counter to Balkarus so bring plenty to the fight.

​​​​​​​Balkarus's Weapon Drop

The Riven Mangler is your reward for completing this fight. It is a variant of the Mangler weapon. The normal Mangler fires a railroad spike at targets for high damage. In the normal state, it can take down shields in two shots and kill an unshielded enemy in a single headshot. The Riven Mangler fires three spikes per shot, and can kill Brutes in two shots, even on Legendary difficulty.

En 'Geddon

En 'Geddon's Location

En 'Geddon can be found by following the road west from FOB Hotel. There is a Mountain to the north you can use as a marker to tell if you have passed the camp. If you pass the mountain, you have gone too far.

En 'Geddon Strategy

This battle is laid out to tempt greedy players. Several Brute Choppers are scattered around the encampment. If you try to hijack one of these vehicles you will quickly find yourself overwhelmed by Shock weapons. If the Shock weapons don't disable the vehicle, En 'Geddon will rush you with a Gravity Hammer and make you regret your decisions.

Instead, try killing the Shock mobs first. There are only five in the vicinity. Then you can use the Choppers to deal with the Target, or climb atop the barrels scattered around to escape the power of En 'Geddon's hammer.

​​​​​​​En 'Geddon's Weapon Drop

The Rushdown Hammer is the reward for dealing with En 'Geddon and his goons. This variant Gravity Hammer provides the user with faster movement speed and increased jump height.

Ik' Novus The Devourer

Ik' Novus The Devourer's Location

Ik' Novus The Devourer can be found West of FOB Echo atop a plateau. The easiest way to reach the target is to scale the hill from the northwest, though it can be scaled from the south using the Grappleshot.

Ik' Novus The Devourer Fight Strategy

Ik' Novus is a Brute, and a heavily armored one at that. This platoon is technically out in the open, but as stated previously, it takes place on a plateau, so there is not a lot of room to maneuver.

As a result, the snipers that make up Ik' Novus' gang are the real threat in this battle, and they should be dealt with before the target. It is best to save Ik' Novus for last as he can be sniped from a safe distance once all the other Covenant have been dispatched.

​​​​​​​Ik' Novus The Devourer's Weapon Drop

The Volatile Skewer is the reward for defeating this Target. The normal Skewer fire large spikes that are meant to deal heavy damage to tanks. The Volatile Skewer fires spikes that explode on impact dealing even more damage than before.


Arthoc's Location

Arthoc can be found directly west of FOB November. This one should be easy to find as it is nestled between two mountains, with a lake to the east.

Arthoc Fight Strategy

This fight can be a bit difficult, as it has many modifiers going on. Firstly, Arthoc fires powerful mortar rounds from the center of the encampment. This means that you should not bring a vehicle to this fight. At the same time, Arthoc has a Ghost available to his minions.

Your first priority should be to take out the Ghost with Grenades or a Rocket Launcher. Then take out Arthoc's squad. As long as you stay moving and make good use of your Grappleshot, you should be able to avoid most of Arthoc's damage.

​​​​​​​Arthoc's Weapon Drop

The Ravager Rebound is the reward for clearing this camp. The Ravager is a classic Halo weapon that any fan of the series will know well. The modifier put on this variant weapon is that the rounds bounce off surfaces they strike.


Arthoc's Location

Head directly north of Arthoc's camp and Zeretus will be hanging around the northeast base of the mountain, close to the coast.

Arthoc Fight Strategy

Zeretus has access to a Rocket Launcher, and his minions are a bit Grenade-happy, so it's a good idea to approach this fight on foot. He is a Brute, so he has a bit of health, but other than his explosive weapons, this fight should not be anything special.

There are many trees in the area so use them for cover and as means of quick evasion with your Grappleshot if you see a missile coming your way.

Arthoc's ​​​​​​​Weapon Drop

The M41 Tracker is the reward for killing this Target. This is a variant of the M41 SPNKR, the Rocket Launcher. This new missile launcher has the capability to lock on to targets. This means it is a fantastic option for taking down Banshee. However, the lock-on ability is not just for vehicles. Infantry can be locked onto as well, making it a true fire-and-forget weapon.

Writh Kul

Writh Kul's Location

This Target is located at the far south end of the map. It can be easily identified by a mountain that lies between Island one and Island four. It is a distinct mountain, as it is a very tall and almost perfect rectangular prism jutting from the ground. This area is very hard to access without a Banshee or Wasp, so make sure to get your hands on one.

Writh Kul Fight Strategy

The mobs on this mountain will ensure that you don't get to stay in your vehicle long. Dropships will come through to knock you out of the sky, and if this doesn't work, the infantry has Shock weapons that can ground you as well.

Get to the top of the mountain, and leave the vehicle. Getting to the top of the mountain is the hardest part. Once up there some fancy footwork and some anti-infantry weapons like machine guns and grenade launches should make quick work of them.

​​​​​​​Writh Kul's Weapon Drop

The reward for clearing this camp is the Pinpoint Needler. This Needler variant has a much more aggressive tracking mechanism than its original cousin.

Skimmer Alpha

Skimmer Alpha's Location

Skimmer Alpha is hidden away inside a cave north of FOB Juliet. This cave is easy to identify, as almost a dozen Skimmers patrol the cave mouth.

Skimmer Alpha Fight Strategy

There is a hilltop nearby that can be used as a sniper vantage point. However, this can lead to you being swarmed. It is recommended to approach this outpost when most of the upgrades for the Grappleshot have been unlocked.

This way you can grapple onto one of the Skimmers, stun it with the Voltaic upgrade, then damage and stun surrounding Skimmers with the First Strike and Reachfall upgrades. This can be repeated if you also have the Quickshot upgrade.

​​​​​​​Skimmer Alpha's Weapon Drop

The Purging Shock Rifle is the reward for killing this Target. It fires five rounds per shot instead of the usual three. Because of this, enemies can be stunned much easier.


Myriad's Location

The Myriad is actually two targets: Twin Hunters that skulk around the swampland south of FOB Juliet.

Myriad Fight Strategy

Hunters are notoriously dangerous up close, so it is advised that this fight be approached from a distance or in a vehicle. If you can get your hands on a Scorpion or a Wraith, these two bosses can be wiped off the planet very quickly.

If these are not available to you, there is a tower near the battlefield that can be grappled onto if you want to take them on with a sniper rifle. That said they fire explosive volleys, so beware of being knocked off the tower by the blow-back.

​​​​​​​Myriad's Weapon Drop

This fight rewards you with the Backdraft Cindershot. It is a grenade launcher that fires off three grenades per shot. This is a fantastic weapon for clearing infantry.

Ordo 'Mal

Ordo 'Mal's Location

Ordo 'Mal resides west of FOB Juliet and north of FOB Hotel. The land surrounding the camp is a bit plain, but it does lie along a road marked on the map.

Ordo 'Mal Fight Strategy

Ordo 'Mal starts the fight off in a Wraith. Under no circumstances should you engage the Wraith directly. Ordo 'Mal has almost a dozen lackies that will rip you to shreds if you don't take care of them.

Patrol the perimeter, and take out all the snipers and as many Covenant as possible. Afterward, take on the Wraith with as many explosives as possible. If you have the Volatile Skewer from earlier on the list, it is a great option for this fight.

​​​​​​​Ordo 'Mal's Weapon Drop

The Scatterbound Heatwave is a variant of the Heatwave rifle. This variant fires normally, but the shots bounce off of surfaces. Additionally, the shots that bounce off of surfaces, track targets down.

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