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Collectibles. They're everywhere in video games, and they range in relevance from pivotal to padding. Yet they're always so alluring to the brain, like a siren song of stuff with lyrics to match a player's "grab everything" inclination.

In Halo Infinite, collectibles range from Spartan cores and ancient artifacts to literal skulls and audio logs. Opinions will no doubt vary on the usefulness of these, but there's a strong case to be made that audio logs are particularly appealing. Finding them, listening to them, you're rewarded with bonus lore that helps to flesh out Infinite's storytelling. A few of them are pretty emotionally poignant, too.

Let us light your path, soldier. Whether they be UNSC, Banished, or Spartan, here's where to find every audio log in Halo Infinite.

All UNSC Audio Logs

There are 37 UNSC audio logs scattered throughout Halo Infinite's sprawling map. The logs are split into four categories: Recovered Files, The Prisoner, Outpost Intel, and Infinity's Approach.

Audio LogLocation
Recovered File #1Received during main story; unmissable
Recovered File #2Received during main story; unmissable
Recovered File #3Received during main story; unmissable
Recovered File #4Received during main story; unmissable
The Prisoner #1During "Foundation," when you must find a Power Seed for the elevator. Look to the left of the Power Seed.
The Prisoner #2During "The Tower," activate the Gravity Lift to reach the Mjolnir Armor atop the tower. Go up one more level to find this.
The Prisoner #3At the Excavation Site, use the Gravity Lift. This log is just beside your destination.
The Prisoner #4During "The Spire," you'll find it just to the east of the Forerunner facility. It isn't here outside of mission time, so be sure to snag it.
The Prisoner #5During "The Nexus," in the hall with the trio of crucibles that require three Power Seeds. The log's by a weapon locker near one of the Seeds.
The Prisoner #6During "Repository," reach the Weapon cutscene near an especially large room. It's atop a desk with a Halo hologram on the left path away from the room.
The Prisoner #7During "House of Reckoning," search the soldier training room.
Outpost Intel #1Head east a ways from Armory of Reckoning.
Outpost Intel #2Behind the northwest building at Armory of Reckoning.
Outpost Intel #3There is a mountain due southeast from Horn of Abolition. Near its peak, you'll find this log.
Outpost Intel #4Like Outpost Intel #1, this is to the east of Armory of Reckoning. It's situated upon a weapon locker.
Outpost Intel #5A mountain roughly north of Forge of Teash plays host to a small cave with this log inside.
Outpost Intel #6Southeast from Forge of Teash on elevated ground.
Outpost Intel #7From Redoubt of Suffering, walk northwest until you reach a cave.
Outpost Intel #8From Redoubt of Suffering, locate elevated ground (in this case, it's practically a hill) and search the surroundings.
Outpost Intel #9There's a handy Spartan Core at the end of a tunnel-like path due south of Ransom Keep. Outpost Intel #9 is right beside it.
Outpost Intel #10From #9's location, search for a grapple point to bring you up a cliff where this resides.
Outpost Intel #11To the south of Annex Ridge.
Outpost Intel #12To the northeast of Annex Ridge.
Outpost Intel #13West of Riven Gate, there's an easily-spotted cave. Take advantage of the grapple point above the cave to find this one.
Outpost Intel #14Found near a mountain to Riven Gate's east.
Infinity's Approach #1FOB Golf.
Infinity Approach #2FOB Foxtrot.
Infinity's Approach #3FOB Delta.
Infinity's Approach #4FOB Lima.
Infinity's Approach #5FOB November.
Infinity's Approach #6FOB Alpha.
Infinity's Approach #7FOB Kilo.
Infinity's Approach #8FOB Juliet.
Infinity's Approach #9FOB Echo.
Infinity's Approach #10FOB Bravo.
Infinity's Approach #11FOB Charlie.
Infinity's Approach #12FOB Hotel.

All Banished Audio Logs

As for the Banished, there are 28 audio logs to be found. These are split into three categories: Archaeological Findings, Escharum's Testimony, and Outpost Intel.

Audio LogLocation
Archaeological Finding #1During "The Sequence," within the northern beacon.
Archaeological Finding #2Also during "The Sequence." Inside the eastern beacon.
Archaeological Finding #3Also-also during "The Sequence," this time in the southern beacon.
Archaeological Finding #4Surprise, surprise, it's during "The Sequence," obtainable from the southwest beacon.
Escharum's Testimony #1Near the conclusion of "Warship Gbraakon," look to the right before deactivating the stasis beam.
Escharum's Testimony #2During "Foundation," specifically to the left side of a door with a strong blue light.
Escharum's Testimony #3Outside of The Tower.
Escharum's Testimony #4Use the Gravity Lift at the Excavation Site.
Escharum's Testimony #5At Pelican Down, southeast of gun battery on the western side.
Escharum's Testimony #6Also during Pelican Down, in a room found down the south path from the northern battery.
Escharum's Testimony #7Pelican Down again, to the eastern battery's southern end.
Escharum's Testimony #8During "House of Reckoning," in the soldier training room toward the end of the mission.
Escharum's Testimony #9At the very end of "House of Reckoning," following the fight with Escharum himself.
Outpost Intel #1Located within the shieldedstructure to the east of Armory of Reckoning.
Outpost Intel #2This one's found in the same building, at the topmost tier.
Outpost Intel #3Within the old building at Horn of Abolition.
Outpost Intel #4To the north of Horn of Abolition.
Outpost Intel #5Look for the building in the Forge of Teash area.
Outpost Intel #6There is, in fact, another building nearby. #6 is here.
Outpost Intel #7Find Redoubt of Suffering's complex. It's inside one of the small buildings here.
Outpost Intel #8Intel #8 is within one of the other small buildings in this same location.
Outpost Intel #9To clear Ransom Keep, Master Chief must demolish four silos, after which point a new area pops up to explore far to the north. Intel #9 is here.
Outpost Intel #10Dead center at the silo warehouse in at Ransom Keep.
Outpost Intel #11At Annex Ridge, look underground at the center of the region and take the Gravity Lift to this log.
Outpost Intel #12Annex Ridge's most forward-facing structure beside the giant circular ruin.
Outpost Intel #13Search the left side of a building at Riven Gate.
Outpost Intel #14There's a building at Riven Gate that connects to a lengthy underground tunnel. File #14 is toward the start.
Outpost Intel #15Head outside from Tremenious, searching behind one of the large red containers that collectively form something of a triangle.

All Spartan Audio Logs

Last but (literally) not least, the number of Spartan audio logs is 39. Five categories this time: Retaliation, Reverie, Scattered, Evacuation, and Ringfall.

Audio LogLocation
Retaliation #1Slightly south of Pelican Down, grapple to the highest point at one of the buildings here.
Retaliation #2Find this laying on the ground a bit east from Pelican Down.
Retaliation #3At Pelican Down's eastern battery, find the Propaganda Tower and you'll find #3.
Retaliation #4Just south of Pelican Down's northern battery.
Retaliation #5A tad south from FOB November.
Retaliation #6East of Riven Gate at the corner of a ring wall. Find the corpse, find the log.
Retaliation #7East of FOB Kilo at the tail end of the running water.
Retaliation #8Hike up the mountain a ways to the south of FOB Lima.
Reverie #1Follow the road at the Excavation Site's northwestern perimeter. This is smack dab beside a truck that's seen better days.
Reverie #2South of Pelican Down, at the center of a massive steel structure that has, well, also seen better days.
Reverie #3Comb the area at Foxhound Squad for crates. Reverie #3 is inside one of them.
Reverie #4Head south from Tremonious and enter the ruined building ahead of you.
Reverie #5A crashed aircraft southeast from Tremonious has this tucked away.
Reverie #6Due north of FOB Bravo.
Scattered #1From FOB Juliet, hike up a mountain trail to the south.
Scattered #2Northwest from FOB Juliet, near some vehicle wreckage.
Scattered #3Within a downed fighter craft north of FOB Hotel.
Scattered #4Inside a cave eastbound from FOB Juliet.
Scattered #5Just north from Myriad.
Scattered #6At the bottom of a drop between cllffs northeast at the center of Reformation.
Scattered #7East of FOB Juliet, lined up against a few of those black spires edging out vast swaths of the game's map.
Scattered #8Climb the mountain east of Pelican Down and find this at the top.
Scattered #9On the floating pillar where you can find Writh Kul, fly or grapple to grab this log.
Scattered #10Look for a secret area between FOB Kilo and the southern beacon.
Evacuation #1This is available immediately after you exit the elevator at the start of the game.
Evacuation #2Near some trees and a blue wall east of FOB Golf.
Evacuation #3Keep west from FOB Foxtrot and you'll find it between two hills.
Evacuation #4Simply check beneath the ramp at Starlight Squad.
Evacuation #5At a campground up a trail to the east of Boxer Squad.
Evacuation #6West of the Mjolnir Armory that is, in turn, northwest of FOB Foxtrot.
Evacuation #7Starlight Squad's island territory houses a Propaganda Tower. Look for Evacuation #7 in a small offshoot path nearby.
Ringfall #1Southwest of the Excavation Site.
Ringfall #2East of FOB Charlie, by the mountain nearest to the Propaganda Tower.
Ringfall #3Climb the ring wall to Forge of Teash's southwest.
Ringfall #4South of Titan Squad, on a hill facing white bluffs.
Ringfall #5Check the hilly area ever so slightly southeast from Pyramid Squad.
Ringfall #6Head to FOB Echo, then march northeast and search the rocks between trees.
Ringfall #7Get to Thunder Squad, travel westbound for a bit, and you'll find another downed aircraft. You'll also find Ringfall #7.
Ringfall #8This last audio log is fittingly tough to locate. Search the southernmost edges of the map south of Starlight Squad. It's right by a crate and Power Weapon.

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