Halo Infinite: 5 Tips For Playing Oddball

As a special gift commemorating Xbox’s 20-year anniversary, 343 Industries elected to launch Halo Infinite multiplayer a bit earlier than expected. Frustrations with the progression system aside, Halo Infinite has enjoyed overwhelming success and broken Steam records for concurrent players. It brings back classic game modes, including Oddball.

Oddball is designed in a hot potato keep-away format. A flaming skull spawns in the center of the map and the objective of the game is to hold onto the skull for 100 seconds. It sounds easy until you realize you can’t use weapons and the enemy team can see your location at all times. This quick guide will offer a few tips on how to reign supreme in Oddball.

Make Sure You Have Map Awareness

The biggest advantage and disadvantage in Oddball is the ability to see the ball carrier. For the team with the skull, it’s a major disadvantage because the enemy can and likely will attack your location at any moment. So, alternatively, the team without the skull can easily strategize on how to pressure the opposite team and win back the ball.

Knowing how to manipulate the map situation can pay huge dividends. When you have the skull, try to position yourself so the enemy team can’t flank you. Forcing them to funnel in through one or two guardable entries can focus your team’s gunfire. But avoid cornering yourself because the enemy team could spam grenades in your locations, so if you can find Drop Walls, those would be very useful.

You Can Still Fight With The Skull

Although the ball carrier can’t use their weapons to fight, that doesn’t mean they’re defenseless. If you’re holding the skull, you can press fire and punch enemies with the skull as a melee attack. Unfortunately, hitting enemies with the skull is no longer an instant-kill attack and it will take two hits with the skull to take down an enemy Spartan.

An alternative plan if you’re being attacked with the skull is to simply drop it. While it might seem like the best idea to try and milk every precious second you can get holding the skull, the better play might be to drop the skull momentarily, clear out the incoming enemy team, and pick the skull back up again. Not only would you have full use of your arsenal, but that can also catch the enemy team by surprise.

In Case Of Emergency – Throw The Skull Off The Map

You’re in a close match and the enemy team is descending on you. You know if they get the skull they’ll win, so you pull one last desperation play: jump off the map. By throwing the skull off the map, it’ll force spawn the skull back to the starting point in a few seconds.

This method isn’t completely recommended because of how it can be abused by trolls in the game, but in a desperate attempt to save the game this can come in handy. Having solid team communication is vital for this plan to work because the ball carrier needs to make it known they’re throwing the skull off the map and the team can get good positioning for the respawn.

Use Vehicles If You Can

Depending on which map you’re playing on, there might be vehicles. The majority of vehicles can seat at least two people, so in Oddball, these can be extremely useful. After gaining possession of the skull, try to find a Warthog or Mongoose. A Warthog would be the preferred vehicle because a third teammate could operate the turret and fight off the enemy team, but a Mongoose can still cause enough of an annoyance speeding away.

Using vehicles won’t guarantee a victory, it might not even guarantee you don’t lose possession of the skull. But what vehicles do guarantee is chaos on the battlefield, and with the enemy team constantly knowing where the ball carrier is on the map, chaos is your best friend in maintaining possession.

Don't Overlook The Power Items

Each map will have one main power item and weapon up for grabs periodically. While the weapons might be the more appealing because they have a direct correlation with getting kills, don’t overlook the power items. Arguably more important than the weapons, these items are key to winning objective-based game modes like Oddball.

Overshields can be the difference between surviving an assault with the skull and dying. Because Overshield will gradually reduce upon activation, be sure to wait until you either have possession of the skull yourself or your team does and you’re in a position to protect the ball carrier. Camouflage is also very helpful, though more for people who don’t have the ball themselves because the enemy can still see their location on the map regardless of if they’re invisible or not.

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