GTA Online Weekly Update Offers Double Rewards In Arena War, Rhino Hunt, And More

GTA Online’s update this week is all about Arena War, as you’ll earn double rewards for joining in on the chaotic action. You’ll also be able to add the Vertical Jump ability to any Arena vehicle free of charge and earn double rewards in a few other vehicle-based activities.

“Put on your spikiest outfit, fill your lungs with a cocktail of noxious fumes and enjoy the rocket’s red glare at Maze Bank Arena’s hottest ticket: the Arena War Series is paying back double rewards (that’s GTA$, RP, and Arena Points) to all competitors across all game modes — from Bomb Ball to Wreck It and everything in between,” Rockstar announced.

If you’re not a fan of Arena War, you can always try out Rhino Hunt – which is also offering double GTA$ and RP. This event sees one group of players outfitted with nothing more than off-road vehicles and Sticky Bombs, as they try to evade their opponents who are roaming the battlefield in tanks. Regardless of if you win or lose, you’ll be given twice the usual rewards.

GTA Online’s weekly update didn’t stop there, as you’ll also earn double rewards when tackling Special Vehicle Work. Complete any of these missions before March 24 to take advantage of the bonus.

Play GTA Online at all this week and you’ll get a free Brute Heavy Duty Tee to add to your wardrobe. It’s not the best free gift we’ve seen Rockstar pass out, but it’s better than nothing.

As for this week’s Lucky Wheel grand prize, you’ll have the chance to walk away with a Pfister Comet SR. Even if you don’t manage to earn the speedy roadster, there’s still a bunch of other swag up for grabs – including GTA$, RP, clothing, and various mystery prizes.

No GTA Online weekly update is complete without a slew of discounts, and Rockstar didn’t disappoint. Here is the full list of discounts available this week:

  • Free Item: Arena Vehicle Vertical Jump
  • 30% Off (Arena HVY Scarab, Arena Bravado Sasquatch, Arena Vapid Slamvan, Arena Declasses Impaler)
  • 40% Off (Declasse Tulip, Benefactor Schlagen GT, Schyster Deviant, Weaponized Dinghy, Mammoth Squaddie)

Prime Gaming members who play GTA Online this week will also receive the Kosatka submarine’s Sonar Station for free, plus GTA$200K and a few other discounts. Check the full patch notes for a detailed rundown.

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