GTA Online Saw More Players In 2020 Than Any Other Year

GTA Online continues to shatter records, as 2020 saw more players than any previous year, according to a statement from Rockstar. It was also revealed that Red Dead Online experienced more players – and more new players – in December than any time since the launch of its beta.

The news came directly from Rockstar in a “Thank You” letter to its community. The team wanted to show its gratitude for its supporters and for the continued success of its games. The announcement then went on to list a few of the achievements made throughout 2020.

“GTA Online shattered its own records once again, with more players than any previous year,” wrote the team. “Red Dead Online also experienced more players, and more new players, this past December than any time since the launch of the beta. Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2 also broke records for video views in 2020 — a huge thank you goes out to our dedicated content creators on YouTube for their funny, skillful, and artful creations that keep us coming back for more.”

To celebrate the continued success of its aging roster, the studio is offering an in-game bundle of gifts to recent Red Dead Online players. This includes a free Horse, Stable Slot, and 5,000 XP among others. GTA Online players who jump into the action before February 12 will unlock exclusive cosmetics, including the Rockstar Cap and Rockstar Rolling Tee.

The post ends with a look ahead, stating “exciting future updates” would be coming to both Red Dead Online and GTA Online later this year. Best of all, it seems more celebratory events are on the horizon, bringing with them more gear, GTA$, and a free vehicle. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait to learn more.

GTA Online continues to thrive in 2021, as the recent Cayo Perico expansion has been a wild success for Rockstar. The new content gave solo players a Heist they could work through on their own, making it easy for everyone to dive into some chaotic fun.

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