GTA 6 release update bad news for PS4 and Xbox One Grand Theft Auto fans, good for PS5

The evidence is stacking up that Rockstar Games will not be launching GTA 6 on PS4 and Xbox One.

We’ve had various rumours popping up that suggest that the PS5 and Project Scarlett will be the next stop for the famous franchise.

Memory issues have been cited, as has the scope of the new game, which could be massive in size.

Fans are still hoping for some kind of update in 2019 on the next Grand Theft Auto game, but it seems more likely we will hear about other projects first.

And the good news is that at least one of these looks destined for the PS5 and Xbox One.

Talk of a Bully 2 release on current-gen consoles has been picking up, following prominent leakers revealing the project last year.

We’re starting to see leaked screenshots appearing online; however, these may prove to be fake in the long run.

Another project reportedly in development at Rockstar Games is Red Dead Redemption 2 for PC.

This has the codename Bonaire and looks set to ship with a Rockstar Editor as well.

It’s unclear if this will be launching in 2019 but if not, should be something fans can look forward to in 2020.

Parent company Take-Two Interactive has been our best source of information on the launch of new Rockstar Games of late.

CEO Strauss Zelnick recently confirmed that “Take-Two has the strongest development pipeline in its history, including sequels from our biggest franchises as well as exciting new IP.”

This can mean titles like Borderlands 3 and the NBA 2K series, but it also hints that GTA 6 is being worked on.

Zelnick also recently spoke with CNBC on the next console generation, revealing that the PS5 and Project Scarlett would prove a massive upgrade on current tech.

“We have a new console generation coming, and that’s going to allow us to do some things that we haven’t been able to do before creatively, and that’s exciting,” Zelnick said during the interview.

“But as I’ve said before, we are going to reach a point where you won’t be able to tell the difference between what’s created in the computer and what’s real.”

So even if Rockstar Games does surprise everyone with a GTA 6 release on current-gen, you can bet the port would look much better.

Zelnick has also spoken more broadly about business models and his past career in the music industry.

Talking with Music Business Worldwide, Zelnick was asked what the music industry’s biggest vulnerabilities were.

The answer given was made in regards to the music industry, which underwent massive changes with the rise of the digital age.

But with cloud gaming being raised as a future alternative to the current hardware model, it makes for interesting reading.

He told Music Business Worldwide: “The days of selling lots of albums are over, largely – we’re not seeing the end of it, we’ve seen the end of it.

“So I think the business has to find new [routes] to nurture and invest in new talent and break artists in a different way.

“The vulnerability is, if a business can’t afford to invest in new talent, it’s burning the furniture. That’s a fear.

“As an industry, the minute you start focusing only on the past, not on the future, you’ve written your own obituary.”

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