GTA 6 release date leak: Is THIS when new Grand Theft Auto is out? PlayStation, Xbox news

GTA 6 release date news begins with a leak which could reveal when Xbox and PlayStation fans will be playing the next Grand Theft Auto. GTA 6 is one of the most highly anticipated games on the horizon, despite not being officially announced by Rockstar Games. Ever since Red Dead Redemption 2 came out GTA fans have been left wondering what Rockstar Games are working on next.


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An obvious choice is GTA 6 with Grand Theft Auto fans currently enduring the longest wait ever for a brand new GTA game.

It’s been over six years since GTA 5 first came out on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

As fans wait for official confirmation on GTA 6 from Rockstar Games the rumours surrounding the title have ramped up this year.

It’s been claimed GTA 6 will be out next year, will be set in Vice City, will only be for next-gen consoles and will be a PS5 launch exclusive.

It’s been claimed that Sony paid “big money” to secure the timed exclusive rights for GTA 6.

This rumour is of particular interest because, if GTA 6 is a PS5 launch exclusive then we may have found out when it will be out.

A European online retailer may have revealed when the PS5 will be releasing – and the price of it.

The ProGamingShop website has put up a listing for the PlayStation 5 which gives a release date and price.

The store claims the PS5 will cost 500 euros, which could indicate a £500 price point.


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This would be in keeping with analysts’ previous estimates about how much the PS5 will cost.

Interestingly though, they also claimed the PS5 will have a release date of December 4 2020.

This doesn’t look to be a placeholder, as those typically are the final date of the year to cover all bases.

December 4 is a very exact date to be placing the PS5 as launching on.


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And, funnily enough, this is not far off the date that the PS1 originally launched on back in 1994.

The original PlayStation launched in Japan on December 3 1994.

If the rumours about GTA 6 being a PS5 launch exclusive are true, then that could be when the next Grand Theft Auto arrives.

It’s been claimed Sony has one month’s worth of exclusivity for GTA 6, meaning it could be out on Xbox One in January 2021.

Of course, as with all rumours it’s best to take them with a pinch of salt until official confirmation.

But the claims about the PS5 having GTA 6 as a timed launch exclusive originated in a Pastebin post which got a number of PS5 details right.

The leak correctly predicted a number of PS5 specs that Sony would go on to later confirm.

These specs include support for ray tracing, being backwards compatible and being capable of 8K visuals.

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