GTA 6 could feature Jake Paul, Drake, Kim Kardashian and other celebrities

Drake, Kim Kardashian, and Jake Paul are among some of the celebs most likely to feature in Grand Theft Auto 6, according to the bookies.

Betting company Bovada has put together a full list of odds for celebrity cameos in Rockstar's upcoming GTA game, which still does not have a title or a release date.

They reckon that 50 Cent is all but certain to feature in the game following his Twitter post last week of a leaked image saying 'Vice City'.

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The iconic NWA rapper said the news will be 'bigger than Power' and that he'll 'explain later'. His odds are the best of all the celebrities analysed, and currently stand at 2.5/1.

After that, things are a little bit more up in the air. The Canadian musician Drake and the boxer Jake Paul are the second most likely celebrities to feature in the game with both being odds on at 20/1.

Kanye West (now known as Ye) could also be included in the game with his odds currently standing at 25/1, although this may now be much less likely following his antisemitic outbursts last year.

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian has an outside chance of being in the game at 33/1, and the least likely cameo of all will be Donald Trump at 150/1.

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Despite the hype, there's little indication that any of these celebs will actually feature in the game, besides 50 Cent (and possibly Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre).

However, given Rockstar's talent for parodying the real world, there could very well be fictional characters inspired by these real-world celebs.

The remastered Grand Theft Auto trilogy featured celebrities including the late Burt Reynolds, Danny Trejo, Ice-T, Samuel L Jackson, and Twin Peaks' Kyle Maclachlan.

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