Godfall’s Endgame Detailed In New Q&A With Developers

Today, Counterplay Games released its official launch trailer for Godfall, the looter-slasher PS5 launch title arriving on November 12. In addition, the developer also held a 30-minute Q&A session with YouTubers Arekkz, My Name Is Byf that dove into all aspects of Godfall, from inventory management and world-building to looting and co-op play.

Another item the Q&A focused on was Godfall’s endgame. Godfall doesn’t end after Macros is defeated and peace has returned to the realm. Counterplay wanted Godfall to go from a co-op focused looter slasher to something of a roguelike in its end-game loop, offering two after-campaign “acts” for veteran players.

Godfall’s endgame is centered on a thing called “Dream Stones.” Counterplay senior technical producer Dick Heyne described these stones as a sort of alternate reality imagined inside a god’s mind. Each Dream Stone mirrors one of Godfall’s four realms and each ends with an alternate version of that world’s boss.

Dream Stones don’t play out like the main campaign. They start with three rounds of enemies that must be defeated before moving on to the final boss, who will be harder and have different attacks that you might remember during your first encounter. Along the way, you’ll accumulate buffs and better loot before finally killing the final enemy and moving on to the next Dream Stone.

Players are expected to reach the level cap of 50 after beating the first nine Dream Stones. After that, this will unlock the remaining nine Dream Stones as well as Godfall’s second endgame loop, the Ascendant Tower of Trials. Heyne describes the Ascendant Tower as the “ultimate test of player skill” as players ascend an infinite tower of indefinitely scaling difficulty that drops ever-increasing loot.

On top of that, there are some “chase items” that only drop in the Tower of Trials, making this the final destination of all Godfall players.

Godfall arrives November 12 on PS5 and PC via the Epic Games Store.

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