Ghostwire: Tokyo – How To Find All Relics

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Ghostwire: Tokyo is brimming with content to do and find. Most of this side content leads to something special, like a new costume, new emotes, or even powerful passive bonuses. Relics don’t quite fall into this category, but they are not to be overlooked.

The game is rocking a whopping 123 Relics in total, and these all come with a bit of text explaining what they are, and where they fit within the story or Japanese culture as a whole. Not only that but there is a pretty nice reward if you find them and pass them off to the right “people”.

What Are Relics

Relics are everyday objects that litter the world of Ghostwire: Tokyo. It could be a piece of origami, a mummified corpse, or even just a Daruma. They don’t share any characteristics besides them being Japanese.

Because there are over 100 Relics, and the map isn’t that big, you can’t help but stumble into them sporadically. Picking them up is always a good thing, so keep your eyes peeled – your wallet will thank you.

Rewards For Collecting Relics

Every Relic in the game can be handed over to a special kind of merchant in Ghostwire: Tokyo – Nekomata. These Nekomata appear on your map as green or yellow cat heads, and they will reward you handsomely for bringing them relics. This comes in the form of Maika – the currency of the game.

Some Relics are more valuable than others, but they all reward thousands of Maika. Considering how expensive some items in Ghostwire: Tokyo are to buy, and how often you will consume said items, having an extra form of income is always helpful. Complete enough Requests for each Nekomata, and you will receive bonus items, like camera filters, giving you even more incentive to go out and hunt down these everyday items.

How To Find Relics

Relics are just about everywhere. If you pass by a Relic on your travels, it will be marked on your map with a yellow gourd. This is the least effective method of finding them, however. Instead, you should visit the aforementioned Nekomata.

These cunning cats offer side quests called Requests. Each Nekomata has a bunch of these to work through, and you can accept as many as you like – there is no quest log limit. Every request you undertake will mark your map with a yellow circle. These circles indicate where a Relic is – roughly.

These areas are very small in the grand scheme, and knowing the rough location will very quickly nab you a Relic. If you are having trouble, then there are a couple more things you can do to make it easier. Firstly, Relics have an audio queue when you are nearby. Keep your ears open, and you will be able to track them down. Relics also appear when you use your Spirit Vision.

In short, pick up a bunch of requests; go to the designated area; keep your eyes and ears open; make loads of money. It’s just that simple.

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