Ghostrunner Is Getting A Hardcore Mode And Winter DLC

The slick and stylish first-person platformer Ghostrunner is about to get very festive. Publishers All In! Games and 505 Games have announced that a new “Winter DLC” pack will be coming to the cyberpunk world of Dharma Tower. This paid cosmetic DLC will allow players to dress up their katana in snow and fit it with a matching glove. It is available right now on PC for $1.99 and will hit PS4 and Xbox One on December 17. Switch players will have to wait until January 14, 2021.

If you’re not up for cosmetic DLC, then the free “Hardcore Mode” will probably be more your game. Something of a remixed version of Ghostrunner’s campaign, hardcore will offer a steeper challenge from the start that ramps up to an extreme degree by the end. Think of it like Ghostrunner’s Master Quest…though hopefully with less BS. This is currently available on PC and will come to PS4 and Xbox One on the 17th. Switch, again, will need to wait until January.

This is hardly the most egregious DLC I’ve seen for a game. Coming in at $2, it’s also not even that bad of a deal. With the base Ghostrunner experience only running $30, I’d be willing to pay an extra few bucks to get some holiday gear. I do think the ice-blue sword looks awesome.

I am more excited to try out Hardcore Mode, though. I didn’t find the main campaign that difficult, so bumping up the challenge sounds great. I also just acquired an RTX 3080, so I can finally see Ghostrunner in all of its ray-traced glory!

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