Ghost Recon Beta Delay: When will Breakpoint servers come back online?

"In order to guarantee a smooth experience for all players, we need to finalize the preparation of our infrastructure before we can open the servers to everyone.

"This preparation is taking longer than planned and we must delay the start of the Open Beta while we ready the infrastructure. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

It almost sounds as though the game perhaps wasn't ready for the huge influx of players who no doubt were attempting to access the game when it went live.

Regardless, Ubisoft has promised (well, tweeted) that the open beta will be going live later today. However, if you're looking for answers as to when you're not going to find them.

Ubisoft's several support accounts are currently replying to fans with some variation on the same message, which reads something like

"Beta should be available later today – when we'll have an update, we'll share it with you. Thank you for your understanding!"


"Once we will be able to share that update with you, we will! Thank you for your patience."

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