Ghost Of Tsushima’s Co-Op Multiplayer Releases On October 16

Ghost of Tsushima fans will be happy to hear that the upcoming multiplayer DLC is almost here. Sucker Punch senior game designer Darren Bridges recently updated the PlayStation Blog with new deets on what to expect from Ghost of Tsushima: Legends along with all the new features that will arrive with the base game’s 1.1 update.

First announced on August 17, Ghost of Tsushima: Legends brings co-op multiplayer to the haunting beauty of Tsushima. This class-based game mode will allow two-to-four players to band together to defeat monsters and foes based on Japanese mythology and folklore. And now, thanks to Bridges, we’ve got a pretty good idea on what to expect.

Legends will be a free update that adds two-player “story” missions and up to four-player “survival” missions. The story missions are told through the words of Gyozen the Storyteller, a new NPC who will appear in various locations in the main game. You can enter the story and survival Legends missions either by talking to him or by simply entering the Legends lobby from the main menu or the pause screen.

Gyozen has a bit of a fantastical view of what’s going on in Tsushima, since to the common folk it’d seem impossible for a single man to repel a Mongol invasion.

Bridges also dished on each of Legends’ four new classes, which include the Hunter, Assassin, Ronin, and Samurai. You get to unlock one class after completing Legends’ tutorial, with other classes getting unlocked as you play. Each will have a unique class ability and one alternate ability as you rank up that class. As an example, Ronin (which appears to be the support class in Legends) get a ghostly spirit dog to help out in battle. And yes, you can pet the spirit dog. This is 2020–everyone knows that if you put a dog in a game, it must be pettable.

In addition to story and survival missions, Legends will also get a single Raid mission a few weeks after release. This “epic three-part adventure” will require “top-tier” gear and a coordinate team of four players in order to complete.

To download Ghost of Tsushima: Legends you must first update the base game to version 1.1 on October 16 and then head into the PS Store to download the free Legends DLC. And if all this co-op stuff doesn’t even interest you, there’s plenty of new content coming to the base Ghost Of Tsushima, including a New Game+ mode.

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