Get Co-op Puzzle Game We Were Here Free Until Entire Series Debuts On PlayStation February 23

Total Mayhem Games recently announced that its co-op puzzle adventure series We Were Here will be launching on the PlayStation 4 on February 23. And until that date, you can get the first game in the series, We Were Here, for free from the PlayStation Store.

As part of the February month of love Valentine’s celebration, Total Mayhem Games is also offering a We Were Here digital care package theme for free. The package includes desktop and phone wallpaper, e-cards, the We were Here official soundtrack, and a streamer kit.

The We Were Here series launching on the PS4 includes its three games, We Were Here, We Were Here Too, and We Were Here Together. Each game will be available separately, and as a bundle “offering the complete series for a discount,” according to the press release. In case you’re not aware, or a PlayStation gamer, We Were Here is also currently available for free on Steam, and available for Xbox for just $4.99, and also has a free trial.

The We Were Here series involves “cooperative puzzle solving through communication and observation”, and challenges you and another player with escaping the sinister Castle Rock. But unlike the average co-op game, where you work together while being together, We Were Here has you attempting to work together while being well apart from each other, with your only mode of communication with each other happening through an in-game walkie-talkie.

With each of you in some different part of Castle Rock, you have to verbally communicate vital information as best as you can, and attempt to coordinate your actions and movements in order to work together to escape. We Were Here’s puzzles are asymmetric, with each of you encountering different puzzles along your way, and with each puzzle requiring a solution that isn’t always found in its immediate area. You must decide what information to share with your partner player, and how best to do so, in order for them to help figure out what they can do to help you. It’s like participating in one of those popular escape room games, except the room is an entire castle, and each of you has your own unique set of challenges to deal with.

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