Genshin Impact’s Golden Shrimp Balls Don’t Exist Yet (So You Can’t Get The Achievement)

Since the game’s release, Genshin Impact players have been trying to cross off as many achievements of the list as they possibly can, and for good reason: each achievement rewards players with a small amount of primogem, a currency that players can then exchange to make wishes and roll for new weapons and characters.

Given the nature of the game, there should be an achievement for collecting every recipe in Genshin, but players should give up on getting that for the time being as the 40th recipe, Golden Shrimp Balls, hasn’t been implemented in the game.

The missing recipe was first noticed in a guide made by redditor u/JustWasteTime. JustWasteTime compiled a list of every recipe in the game, barring the ones the Traveler starts with, as well as where players can acquire those recipes. They then noted that the 40th recipe, the Golden Shrimp Balls, has yet to be implemented in Genshin Impact and therefore cannot be acquired.

Strangely, the game’s English wiki makes no mention that the Golden Shrimp Balls are not in the game. According to the wiki, the Shrimp Balls are a two-star rarity recipe that is meant to be acquired from a random Liyue commission. It revives the character who eats it and restores 250 to 550 health points. Furthermore, according to a redditor on JustWasteTime’s thread, the dish is allegedly the Electro swordswoman Keqing’s favorite food.

Due to it dropping from random chance, the recipe would be difficult to acquire even if it were in the game, but Genshin’s Chinese wiki states that the Golden Shrimp Balls are nonexistent and have yet to be implemented. Some players are speculating that the recipe will be introduced in Update 1.1, although it is strange that just this one recipe has been left out of the game’s launch.

But given how many issues players have had with the game, including greyed out launch buttons and a number of bugs affecting important quests, it’s likely that the recipe might have been overlooked, or the developers had some other reason for leaving it out. Regardless, it seems likely that the Golden Shrimp Balls will be introduced into the game sooner rather than later, so players eager to collect them all should get to work ahead of its implementation!

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