Genshin Impact: Three Divine Birds Puzzle Guide

Of all the varied and beautiful locations to explore in Genshin Impact‘s world of Teyvat, the Qingyun mountains seem to be chockful of secrets and side quests waiting for you to uncover. While the terrain itself may be a cause for hesitation, the rewards that await you for completing the Three Divine Birds puzzle should be more than enough to carry you up to the top of Qingyun Peak and beyond. Get your climbing gear and glider ready, because this puzzle will be taking you all across this mountainous region.

How To Start The Three Divine Birds Puzzle

The first step to the Three Divine Birds Puzzle is reaching the top of Qingyun Peak. This is a tough climb, but as long as you manage your stamina well and take your time you should make it up without too much trouble. Once there, make sure to activate the Teleport Waypoint and then head over to the big pedestal. Once you interact with it you will get a clue about the three mountains and three Divine birds.

The three mountains in question will be Mount Hulao, Mount Aozang, and another area close by on Qingyun Peak.

Three Divine Birds Puzzle Solution

Starting at Mount Aozang, glide as far as you can from the wind and make your way up to the highest point. This will be the peak slightly to the South of the lake. At the top you will find a statue of a bird you can interact with to rotate. The puzzle is to rotate these bird statues so that they all face back towards Qingyun Peak. Once you spin the statue in the correct position, wait a few seconds for a quick cutscene to begin showing a beam of light shine from the bird back to the peak.

The point closest to the peak you start on works just the same, and should be the easiest to reach since it isn’t quite as high up as the others. Just give it a spin, wait a few moments for the light to appear, and head off.

Your last stop will be Mount Hulao to the West. Make sure you climb all the way to the top here, even though the bird statue is on a lower section. There’s a Teleport Waypoint there that you’ll want to turn on just in case, since you will have to make a glide over to the statue. It isn’t very risky, but better safe than sorry. Once again, turn the bird and watch the light shine.

With all three birds looking in the correct direction, warp back to Qingyun Peak and return to the pedestal. A new wind current will appear you should use to glide straight up with to some new floating stone platforms you can jump across to a second updraft taking you one final set of platforms that will finally let you reach the floating island.

Three Divine Birds Rewards

There are three chests in the sky waiting for you to loot, including a Geoculus. Just be careful when looting the chests since items have the potential to bounce and actually fall off the small island.

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