Genshin Impact: Silk Flower Locations And Farming Routes

The Silk Flower is another Liyue specialty that players are going to want to collect in Genshin Impact. Silk Flowers are an ascension material that players need for both Hu Tao and Xingqiu. In addition, they are an important part of the housing system as they are used to make fabric. The problem is that a lot of Silk Flower bushes aren’t present in the game, and while they aren’t hard to harvest, building up a large stock will take quite some time.

Below is where you can find Silk Flowers in the game, along with which shops you can buy the item from.

The Best Silk Flower Farming Route

Silk Flowers are a bit different than other plants in Genshin Impact because they only grow in two separate locations in the game. The first place that you can find Silk Flowers is in Liyue Harbor at the Yujing Terrace. Teleport to the nearby waypoint and follow the route marked above every couple of days. You will also be able to find a few Glaze Lilies located around this area.

The second place you will find them growing is at Wangshu Inn, which is located between Stone Gate and Liyue Harbor. Following the short route in the picture above will help you collect all the flowers in no time. Make sure that the bush isn’t shining before you leave to ensure you have collected every single Silk Flower.

  • Keep in mind that it only takes a single Silk Flower to make a piece of fabric.

The Silk Flower bushes will give you three flowers each and are bright red in color, making them incredibly easy to spot. In addition to the Silk Flowers mentioned in the locations above, you can also pick the plant up from two separate stores.

Where To Buy Silk Flower And How Much It Costs

Silk Flower can be purchased in Qingce Village from Ms. Bai and at Wangshu Inn from Verr Goldet, making it one of the few ascension materials that you can find at multiple locations.

  • Both stores have five Silk Flowers in stock and sell them for 1,000 mora a piece. To get all ten, you will need 10,000 mora.

The stores are reported to restock every two days, and visiting Verr Goldet can be added to the end of your Wangshu Inn farming route.

Where To Find Ms.Bai And Verr Goldet in Liyue

Ms. Bai can be located in Qingce Village, right next to the chief’s house. She may be a bit hard to notice at first as she doesn’t look like your typical shop. If you go past the mill, then you have gone too far.

Verr Goldet is also known as Boss and is in charge of the Wangshu Inn. You will need to teleport up to the Inn’s check-in desk to find her. She is located behind the desk regardless of the time of day.

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