Genshin Impact: Pro Tips For Playing As Barbara

Genshin Impact has a long list of four-star, but out of them, the idol Barbara truly stands out. Barbara is one of the most popular characters in the game and even received her own Youtube special thanks to how much fans love her. Mihoyo has even given the character out for free to ensure that everyone has a healer and a hydro character on their team.

Barbara is a supporting character, but many players have made it their mission to play with her as a DPS, which can work surprisingly well for those willing to put in hours of effort honing her skills.

Let The Show Begin

Barbara is a character that many players will recommend you always leave a spot for on your team. In fact, many veterans will only remove Barbara if they get Qiqi; if there, Barbara doesn’t have many of her constellations built up. Players who are looking for a powerful healer would do well to try to pull all of her constellations as they are incredibly useful.

  • C1 – Barbara will now regenerate one energy every ten seconds.
  • C2 – Let The Show Begin now has its CD decreased by 15%, and while the burst is in use, hydro characters get a 15% boost to their elemental damage.
  • C3 – Shining Miracle can be leveled up to level 15.
  • C4 – Using a charged attack on an enemy will give Barbara one energy particle; this total can reach up to five particles.
  • C5 – Let The Show Begin can be leveled up to level 15.
  • C6 – As long as Barbara is in your party when another character goes down, they will be automatically revived to 100% of their health. This ability does have a long cooldown of 15 minutes.

Barbara constantly regains energy when she is in your party, which can help to keep the health of your other characters full. Players should pay special attention when setting up her weapon and her artifacts. The right artifact set can help her heal even better, as well as help her restore energy faster so that she can use her burst to heal the entire party.

It’s also important to note that the amount Barbara is able to heal is directly related to how much health she has. For the best results, players should try to ensure that Barbara’s health is prioritized when equipping artifacts and weapons to her; even an underleveled Barbara is able to heal well if her health is maintained. Players should note that both her burst and elemental skill will rely on this.

An Idol’s Healing Power

Using Barbara’s power is a bit more complicated than just hitting a button. To begin with, her elemental skill, Let The Show Begin heals two different ways. The first is automatic and will provide healings every few seconds until the move finishes. Players should try to keep from activating the skill and then immediately switching Barbara out.

This is because the skill’s true ability will only activate when Barbara is still on the field. As a bonus, every time Barbara gets an elemental particle, the skill is extended a second, and this can happen five times. This is where Barbara’s C1 constellation can really help players out.

With each hit Barbara does, the whole party will regain a bit of Health. Using her charged attack successfully on an enemy will allow the move to do four times the healing. For players that just need a bit of health, the skill reduces stamina consumption of the on-field character by 12%. The more hits she can get in, the better. Her burst Shining Miracle is a bit easier as it automatically restores health to the whole party.

Tips For Team Building

Barbara is an excellent addition to any team, and in many ways, can even beat out the five-star Qiqi when she has several constellations. Every character in the game can benefit from having her on their team. There are a few things that can help Barbara with healing, though, like having a cryo teammate to help her freeze enemies while using her skill. Barbara isn’t a character meant for close combat, and the more control she has over the field, the better.

Players who really want to buff their DPS can also combine her skill with Qiqi’s to easily freeze enemies and cause elemental reactions. This combination is especially useful against higher-level bosses and is a great way to ensure that players don’t have to worry about losing their main during the heat of battle.

Of course, there is also a downside to using Barbara. When players are fighting against cryo enemies, using her abilities often leads to freezing. Being frozen keeps that player from being able to move for short spans of time, and against enemies like the cryo Regisvine, it can actually end in the player losing more health than they are gaining from the skill.

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