Genshin Impact Incomplete Writing – Statue Puzzle Guide

For the most part, Genshin Impact is a high energy action RPG that provides most of its challenges through difficult combat encounters. However, there are select moments where the game will throw a curve ball at you and present a puzzle that is not only tough to solve, but difficult to even find as well. That’s exactly what you can expect with the Incomplete Writing statue puzzle found in the Chi of Guyun Quest. Paimon won’t be any help here, so we’ll step up to show you how to solve each part of this tricky riddle.

Incomplete Writing – Statue Puzzle Guide

After getting a few clues about the fragments you need to find from Granny Rouxin, you’re left to go out searching for them on your own, as well as solve each individual puzzle once you get there. Only by finding and solving the fragment puzzles will you be able to go to the vault and collect your treasure.

First Fragment Location And Solution

One of the clues is that you might find a fragment at a nearby Geo Archon statue. You can discover this statue by heading West from Qingce Village toward a Waypoint Shrine. Climb up the hill and find the fragment in the center of five shrines in a pentagram shape. You will need to activate these in the correct order to solve the puzzle. The Northmost shrine will be your reference point as the “top” of the pentagram.

  • The top of the pentagram, directly North of the center.
  • The bottom right shrine
  • The top left shrine
  • Top right shrine
  • Bottom left shrine

Once all have been activated, a chest will appear with some loot.

Second Fragment Location And Solution

The second fragment can be found back towards Ruoxin. Head South and climb the mountain past the shrine. It isn’t an easy climb, so look for spots you can rest at to regain your stamina on the way.

When you finally make it to the top, the same type of puzzle is waiting for you, only this time there are only four shrines you need to activate. They’re in a circular ring around the center, so you might need to pay a little closer attention to the directions.

  • Facing North, interact with the statue slightly to the left near an orange crystal
  • From the first statue, turn right and activate the next one in the line
  • Continue right, skip one statue, and activate the next one
  • Finally, skip two more to the right and hit the final statue

If done correctly, another chest will appear with the fragment. Once you take both back to Ruoxin she will send you to the vault. Thankfully the game will mark this on the map for you, leading you to a hidden cave behind a waterfall.

You will have a small encounter inside, as well as need to defend a cache from waves of enemies before you can head to the back to find a room full of loot. Make sure to open the chest in the center for the quest item, and bring it back to Ruoxin to complete the quest.

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