Genshin Impact: Every Blacksmith Recipe in The Game

Blacksmith recipes are free items that any player can easily gain access to and make in Genshin Impact. To forge items, players will need to gather ore from around the map. To help with this, you can check out the ore farming guide here.

The ore can then be processed into several different types of items, including weapons for players who gather prototypes from the weekly boss fights. Like most things in the game, most forging recipes will need to be unlocked.

Players should also note that forging an item takes time; the amount of time it will take for an item to complete will vary. Here’s every recipe you can craft with forging.

Enchantment Ore

You can make a special type of ore called enchantment ore. This ore comes in three different sizes and can be made from basic materials like iron and crystal ore. Their function is to help players easily level-up weapons without the need of gathering lower-tier ones through exploration and pulls. The different versions are:

  • Enhancement Ore
  • Fine Enhancement Ore
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore

Simply take your ore to the Blacksmith and place your order. Rarer ore will create higher quality enchantment ore. It will be ready to collect a short time later.

Specialty Items

Specialty items have to be unlocked through various means in the game. Some will be related to the City Reputation System, while others will be attached to in-game quests.

Anemo Treasure Compass

The Anemo compass is a reward given for leveling your Mondstadt city reputation to 6. The compass can be used to point you in the direction of treasure chests in Mondstadt. A glowing path will appear in the direction of the chest, and if there are none around, the compass will go into a short cooldown mode.

Geo Treasure Compass

The Geo compass works the same as the Anemo but is obtained through reaching level 6 on the Liyue City Reputation System.

NRE (Menu 30)

The NRE bag recipe is a reward for reaching level 5 of the City Reputation System in Mondstadt. The bag allows you to slot two different food items, one for revival and one for healing. The bag can be equipped for quick eating, which is a huge help with elemental boss fights, especially in co-op when the game doesn’t pause from entering your menu.

Adepti Seeker’s Stove

The Adepti Seeker’s Stove is given out for reaching reputation level 5 in Liyue. The stove can be used to make a cooking spot almost anywhere on the map. Simply avoid getting into combat, and you can whip up some tasty dishes. The stove is a one-time use item, so it’s best to craft multiples when possible.

Wind Catcher

The Wind Catcher recipe is the award for hitting level 3 of Mondstadt’s reputation system. This bottle is able to catch the small wind sprites found around the map and can have up to five charges. These charges can be used to create a wind current to scale up mountains faster or reach collectibles.

Warming Bottle

The Warming Bottle is a recipe obtained from leveling up the Frostbearing Tree to level 4. The bottle can help to fight off sheer cold by summoning a fake fire Seelie to warm the player.


There are a ton of free-to-play four-star weapons, and they all come from crafting. Some recipes will be earned by completing quests, while a good portion are already in the game.

Compound Bow

The Compound Bow has a base attack of 41 with a 15% physical damage bonus as its second stat.

Crescent Pike

The Crescent Pike has a base attack of 44 with a 7.5% physical damage bonus as its secondary stat. When a player gets an elemental particle charged, attacks deal 20% more damage for 5 seconds. Hitting an enemy increases attack by 4% and speed by 1.2% for up to four stacks.

Dragonspine Spear

The Dragonspine Spear can be obtained from the Strange Tooth quest in Dragonspine. The polearm has an attack of 41 with a secondary stat that gives characters 15% physical damage bonus. In addition, hitting enemies with a non-elemental attack has a 60% chance of an icicle forming and dropping down to deal AoE cryo damage.


The Frostbearer catalyst is another Dragonspine weapon that has a base attack of 42, and a 9% attack bonus has its a secondary skill. Like the Dragonspine spear, it also has a 60% chance of dropping an icicle.

Iron Sting

The Iron Sting sword is a Liyue weapon with a base attack of 42 and a secondary stat that gives 36 elemental mastery points. The sword increases elemental damage by 6% for six seconds after hitting an enemy with an elemental attack; this can stack twice.

Mappa Mare

The Mappa Mare Catalyst has a base attack of 44 and gives 24 elemental mastery points for its second stat. The weapon gives an 8% elemental damage bonus that can stack twice when the player triggers a reaction.

Prototype Amber

The Prototype Amber is a Catalyst with a base attack of 42 and a 9% increase to Health for its second stat. When a player uses a burst, they will get back 12 elemental energy and 12% health within six seconds.

Prototype Archaic

The Prototype Archaic is a claymore with 44 base attack and a 6% bump to attack as its secondary stat. Normal attacks have a 50% chance of dealing an additional 240% AoE damage every 15 seconds.

Prototype Crescent

The Prototype Crescent is a bow with a base attack of 22 and a secondary stat that gives a 9% bump to attack. Hitting an opponent with a charged shot will increase speed by 10% and attack by 36% every ten seconds.

Prototype Grudge

The Prototype Grudge is a polearm with 42 attack and a secondary stat that gives a 10% bump to energy recharge. When the player uses an elemental skill, normal attacks will get an 8% damage bonus for 12 seconds that can stack twice.

Prototype Rancour

The Prototype Rancour sword has an attack of 44 and a 7.5% physical damage bonus for its secondary stat. When enemies are hit with a non-elemental attack, they get a 4% increase to both attack and defense that can stack up to four times.

Snow-Tombed Starsilver

The Snow-Tombed Starsilver is a claymore with a base attack of 44 and a secondary stat that gives a 7.5% physical damage bonus. Like the other Dragonspine weapons, it has a 60% chance of summoning a cryo icicle to damage enemies.


The Whiteblind Claymore is a Liyue weapon with a base attack of 42, and it gives an 11.3% bump to defense as its secondary stat. Using a non-elemental attack gives the player a 6% attack and damage bump that can stack up to four times.

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