Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Venti

Mondstadt's favorite flighty bard is excellent at crowd control- and not just with poetic song and verse. An Archon, skilled in lyre, bow, and battle, this five-star character with incredible Swirl and AoE Damage thrives regardless of whom he's teamed with, racking up mega-hits gracefully, mercilessly fast, and quite fantastically colorfully in seconds.

As a wielder of Anemo, Venti can combo alongside any other element in the game, and with such a naturally powerful Elemental Burst that sucks all nearby enemies into a vacuum of a void, it can't be helped we want to exploit this ability with an equally powerful weapon. Thankfully, in Genshin Impact there's never a shortage of a good bow!

10 The Stringless

This four-star weapon is obtained through the Epitome Invocation of weapon wishing. With a secondary stat giving users a bonus of +165 in Elemental Mastery, it's one of the most amazing bows that can be put into Venti's hands to turn him into a main DPS and powerhouse of elemental reactions. Which -for those of you who spam Elemental Bursts and Skills religiously- makes this the perfect weapon to utilize.

At level 90, The Stringless reaches a high peak of 510 in ATK. Bolstering its notable force, is the musical bows' completed refinement, boosting a user's Skill and Burst DMG from 24% at Level 1, to a whopping 48% at Level 5. Foes whisked up into Venti's cyclone definitely won't be plummeting out of it okay.

9 Windblume Ode

Windblume Ode is an event-exclusive, unique-looking bow, decorated with flowers unknown, and was only available to players during Genshin Impact's 1.2 Version Update, with refinement materials known as "The Visible Winds" which was also only available to players during the Version's celebrations. But don't be put out if you missed this particular event.

The four-star weapon holds the same base stats as The Stringless when it reaches level 90: a bonus of 165 in Elemental Mastery and added 510 to Attack. This again makes it a suitable weapon for our wine-loving bard. However, its main difference is in its ability to increase attack by 16% for 6 seconds after you make use of your Elemental Skill. Venti's Skill has a low cooldown, which gives the chance for you to buff your Attack quite often.

8 Mouun's Moon

Venti's Burst is a vortex of fatality. It's hard-hitting damage that gathers all foes in the immediate area, traps them in the distance, and deals repeated Swirl DMG in an Anemo AoE. Mouun's Moon is a precious four-star bow with a gorgeous design capable of giving its users a maximum of 40% Elemental Burst DMG depending on how much Energy your party is capable of holding.

Unfortunately, the wishing on this weapon was a part of a Limited Event and can't be obtained through the Epitome Invocation like other four and five-star weapons. That being said, there's always a chance of a rerun, so even if you didn't get your chance to nab the bow on its last event if this weapon and its abilities are of interest to you, do keep it in the back of your mind for the future if the mighty luck of the gatcha gods touches your soul.

7 Hamayumi

A four-star bow that's a bit of a secret. The schematics of this weapon and how to acquire it are incredibly dependent on fortune and the dedicated collection of shells in Inazuma.

Hamayumi increases Normal DMG by 16%. Perfect if you're seeking to balance Venti's Elemental DMG with his regular Attack DMG, and inflict serious injury on both fronts. It also increases Charged Attack DMG by 12%. As Venti's Burst holds enemies off across the battlefield at a distance, you have free reign to knock back arrow after arrow into your wind cyclone with charged attacks to tack on further damage for fun. Once Venti's Energy reaches full capacity, his Normal and Charged Attack DMG have these buffs bolstered by 100%.

6 Amos' Bow

In general, any weapon that has ATK as a secondary stat will work wondrous DMG in Venti's hands. Amos' Bow not only has a base increase of +10.8% ATK that soars to 49.6% at a Level 90 Ascension but DMG is increased by 12% for every 0.1 seconds an arrow leaves your bow. This can stack five times on each arrow. That is a boatload of damage coming out of this glorious weapon, and a terrifying force of nature in Venti's freedom-sweeping hands. As a five-star weapon, you can acquire it in the standard Epitome Invocation Wishing Banner.

5 Elegy for the End

A beautiful, beautiful five-star weapon with beautiful skills that elevate Venti's already overpowered elemental prowess. Elegy for the End is quite the fitting name. At Level 90, it caps a secondary stat of Energy Recharge at 55.1% percent, which means Venti's Energy will almost not be full- especially if paired with the right artifacts. That also means his Skill and Burst will not be whooshing on the field.

Venti's Elemental Mastery is increased by 60 just by equipping it and further increased by 100 with an added 20% to ATK when the number of sigils gained by dealing Skill and Burst DMG reaches four.

4 Skyward Harp

This classic weapon belongs to the collection of first five-star weapons released in the game, and to this day, remains one of the most lethal blows to wish upon in the Epitome Invocation. Its highest ATK when fully leveled is an astounding 674, and its CRIT Rate is +22.1%. This is coupled with a weapon skill that boosts CRIT DMG by 40% at a Level Five refinement with hits that will 100% generate 125% Physical ATK DMG every 2 seconds. It is very little it'll leave alive at full potential, especially with Venti's Burst.

3 The Viridescent Hunt

The Viridescent Hunt can only be acquired through Genshin's Battle Pass, and likewise, bows to refine it can only be collected once you reach level thirty with each pass, making it a four-star weapon you'll have to work for. But it's worth it- and something wholesomely amusing in Venti's possession.

At its base levels and base stats, Viridescent Hunt holds a CRIT Rate of +6.0% and with every Normal and Aimed Shot that hits opponents, has a chance to create a mini cyclone. This cyclone then deals 40% of ATK every half second for four seconds to the enemies caught within. Combo normal attacks with Venti's Elemental Skill and Burst, and it'll sweep the battlefield clean of foes quickly.

2 Mitternachts Waltz

A fantastic four-star weapon to have in your arsenal. So maybe it clashes with Venti's scheme of green, white, and gold. For the benefits the bow offers, it's a small sacrifice of mismatching non-matching.

No matter if it's a Normal Attack or an Elemental Skill hitting the opponent, Mitternachts Waltz will boost ATK both ways by 20% for 5 seconds, increasing the more it's refined. An added secondary stat of Physical ATK DMG at +11.3% creates a nice build for Venti if you're looking to balance out his supreme Swirl DMG with regular attacks that hold just as much power.

1 Polar Star

The bow of all bows. A glistening, silver star. The Polar Star is arguably the best overall bow to date in Genshin, and a blessing from the Statue of the Sevens themselves for any archer that relies on their Elemental Skills and Elemental Bursts to deal massive damage as a DPS to their opponents. It dropped as a part of Childe's Banner re-run, and while it can't be wished upon in the standard banner, there is always hope it'll return in another event later on.

The five-star bow has a less base ATK than the Skyward Harp (a low +609 at first glance), however, its CRIT Rate hits 33.1% at Level 90 Ascension, and its Weapon Skill does the amazing following at its lowest refinement:

  • Elemental Skill and Burst DMG increased by 12%.
  • For every 1/2/3/4 stacks of Ashen Nightstar present after hitting an enemy with any attack or skill, ATK increases 10/20/40/48% respectively.

In other words: the ultimate slayer.

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