Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Thoma

If you have Thoma in Genshin Impact, then you already know what a powerful Pyro-user you have on your team. His weapon of choice is the Polearm, which he wields without mercy. He’s compatible with a wide variety of Polearms, which is nice when your armory is limited, or if you’ve only just obtained Thoma and aren’t ready to use a higher caliber weapon on him over another Polearm user.

Like every character, what weapon you want to equip Thoma with depends heavily on what your goal with him is, but a big factor is the same regardless – you want the substats of the weapon to add to his HP or his Energy Recharge.

10 The Halberd: Three-star

The Halberd is useful when you don’t have any four or five-star weapons to give to Thoma, or don’t have any viable ones to equip him with yet. Thoma is pretty strong as a character already, so when you give him the Halberd to fight with, you’ll see immediate results.

Normal Attack gets an additional 160 percent attack damage boost which will occur every ten seconds once activated. This allows Thoma to dole out mounds of damage in a short period of time for a quick win.

9 The Black Tassel: Three-star

The Black Tassel has a strong HP substat with an additional 46.9 percent increase. This in turn is perfect for building up a Thoma for shielding, which is one of his strongest attributes to begin with in teams.

You won’t get any Energy Recharge with this weapon, though, so you’ll have to get Thoma to a level you’re satisfied with in terms of energy and stamina. Another route you could go is building a team around him that has energy team boosts or restorative abilities to make up for this lack.

8 The White Tassel: Three-star

Nearly the exact opposite of the Black Tassel, this Polearm focuses on damage. You’ll get a boost to Thoma’s Normal Attack damage by 24 percent, and it has a substat bonus of crit damage.

The White Tassel is more commonly recommend for other Polearm users in Genshin Impact. Still, if you’re in need of a solid three-star weapon to substitute before you find a more suitable one for Thoma, this is definitely a good pick to tide you (and him) over.

7 'The Catch’: Four-star

The Catch is recommended for nearly every Polearm user in the game, mainly because it’s a strong weapon that pairs well with all stats. It increases the Elemental Burst damage and the Elemental Burst crit rate.

If you're trying to achieve Thoma as a main DPS on your team, the Catch is certainly the way to go about it. It will boost his already competitive stats, making him a powerful fighter on the field. It's also easy to obtain, being a fishing reward.

6 The Favonius Lance: Four-star

Crit hits with the Favonius Lance have a 60 percent chance of generating small amounts of Elemental Particles, which in turn will generate six energy for the character wielding the Polearm, in this case, Thoma. Once triggered, this will happen every 12 seconds.

The Favonius Lance is another favorite for Polearm users among Genshin Impact players because it gives strong damage boosts, while also giving potential HP perks. Even though it doesn’t have any Energy Recharge benefits, it still walks the line between health and battle stats that Thoma needs.

5 The Kitain Cross Spear: Four-star

The Kitain Cross Spear has an Energy Recharge element to it, but its rules are trickier than the other weapons. After successfully using your Elemental Skill on an opponent, you’ll lose three Energy, but your Energy will regenerate three every two seconds for the next six seconds, and this will occur every ten seconds. So in a six-second timeframe after using this, you’ll get your depleted energy back times three.

On top of this bonus, which can trigger even if Thoma isn’t on the field, is an overall increase to your Elemental Skill damage by six percent.

4 The Dragon’s Bane: Four-star

Dragon’s Bane offers a very specialized bonus where it increases the damage you inflict against any opponents affected by Hydro or Pyro by 20 percent. Since Thoma is a Pyro-user, this is an ideal weapon to equip him with, especially if you’re wanting to make him either a main DPS, or form a Vaporize Team around him.

You won’t get HP or Energy Recharge with Dragon’s Bane, however, so if you are using it with Thoma to make him a main DPS, be sure to have a good healer on your team – like Noelle or Qiqi, for example.

3 The Skyward Spine: Five-star

The Skyward Spine usually sits high on all Polearm users’ weapons list simply because it’s an incredibly efficient weapon. Even among other five-star weapons, it has impressive stats, like the increase to crit rate by eight percent, and the increase to Normal Attack Speed by 12 percent.

Also beneficial is the 50 percent chance that Normal and Charged Attack hits on opponents have to trigger a Vacuum Blade that deals 40 percent Attack damage in a small area of effect. This can be triggered every two seconds.

2 The Engulfing Lightning: Five-star

Equipping Thoma with the Engulfing Lightning will increase his Attack and Energy Recharge, allowing him to use his Elemental Burst more often. He’ll also handle the enemies on the field better, especially when there’s multiple coming at him at once.

Maxed out, the Engulfing Lightning gives Thoma 110 percent Attack boost, which again reinforces his strength in battle, and helps make him effective as either a support role on the team, or the main source of DPS.

1 The Staff Of Homa: Five-star

Arguably the best Polearm in all of Genshin Impact, you’ll find this weapon useful for most Polearm users. It boosts HP by 20 percent, which is great on its own, but very handy with Thoma.

It also provides an Attack bonus based on 0.8 percent of the wielder’s HP, and if that’s less than half, the Attack bonus gets an additional increase of one percent of the max HP of your character – in this case, Thoma.

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