Genshin Impact: Best Team Members For Shenhe

Shenhe in Genshin Impact has a very robust backstory. A castoff from her Exorcist family members and disciple of Adeptus, she is one of many Cryo-users featured in the game but works on both the support and sub DPS fronts with the Polearm as her weapon of choice.

When building a team around Shenhe, or finding team members she will work the best with, the determining factor comes heavily down to whether or not the other characters will function well with her Icy Quill quota feature. Exploring how others boost, use, and recharge Shenhe, or benefit from Shenhe's skills, you will find the best use of all of her potential.

10 Ganyu

With extremely high critical damage – she has the highest possible damage numbers in the entire game – Ganyu is a strong character to use on her own.

Using her Bloom arrows, she can dole out damage to all enemies in the area, and because they will count towards Shenhe’s Icy Quill quota, the damage Ganyu will inflict is even higher than her stand-alone stats.

9 Ayaka

A true Cryo auto-attack user, Ayaka has the ability to utilize all of Shenhe’s buffs with high damage. She can also fulfill the requirements to benefit from Shenhe’s Icy Quill quota, making it likely she will be the most damaging character on your team.

Shenhe will play more of a supporting role to Ayaka, but Ayaka will lead your collected team to victory with her incredibly high stats and impressive swordsmanship.

8 Diona

Shenhe will use Diona as a support in this match-up because she can quickly use up all of Shenhe’s Icy Quill quota, accomplishing a critical hit.

Diona shouldn’t be relied on as the main team member, as she does have low damage, but her quick attacks will make her useful as a swap-out character when she’s not in use as Shenhe’s direct support line. While this sounds like a negative at first, she will allow you to recharge vital team members’ attacks. Diona also possesses shields and a heal, both of which are perfect for mitigating damage.

7 Chongyun

Chongyun isn’t typically a high priority character for anyone’s teammate, but because Shenhe’s damage bonus only applies to Cryo hits, and Chongyu has the ability to ensure that every Cryo hit damages the target, these two seem like a match made in Heaven.

When utilizing both of their abilities together, your Cryo damage against the enemy will be guaranteed to hit, every time you launch an attack. Chongyu will especially be beneficial if you have other Cryo-users on your team.

6 Aloy

Using Shenhe as a supporting team member for Aloy will allow her to increase Aloy’s damage in battle, and together they give Cryo Resonance.

This will be even more useful in teams with two Pyro-users, as they complement and accentuate one another’s strengths while covering for any weaknesses on either side of the hot-cold spectrum of elements. Aloy will also use Shenhe’s Icy Quill quota without ‘wasting’ it, as Diona is sometimes accused of doing in battle.

5 Kokomi

As a Hydro-user that can attack rapidly, Kokomi can use Shenhe’s elemental boosts to keep enemies frozen in place longer, allowing other team members to attack and increase damage without taking on as much themselves.

She is recommended to pair with others that fit Shenhe's boosts and skills, which means you can build a solid team that works as a unit around Shenhe and Kokomi. Outside of her in-battle benefits, Kokomi is also a healer, which you’ll find is extremely crucial to have on your team for damage control.

4 Sucrose

Despite not absorbing elements into her elemental skill or providing damage bonuses, Sucrose can deal a large dose of damage with her elemental burst. She can also do this while still controlling monsters, a skill not seen in most other playable characters.

Her elemental burst function can absorb elements, so when she’s paired with a Cryo-user and absorbs their Cryo element, she will be able to deal out Cryo damage that will then increase with the help of Shenhe’s damage buffs.

3 Venti

His elemental burst can absorb elements like Sucrose, allowing Venti to absorb Cryo and deal it out with high damage to enemies, while also getting the boost from Shenhe’s buff.

Venti has the ability to gain energy back for all Cryo members on the team, making him an active ‘battery’ for any Cryo-users you’re playing with in Genshin Impact. He's also a wildcard when it comes to personality and fun, so he'll keep you entertained even outside of the battlefield.

2 Eula

Eula is useful for multiple playable characters in the game, and Shenhe is no exception. If you plan to use her as a main DPS, you can use Shenhe as her battery.

Shenhe produces particles that Eula needs for her high-cost bursts. This pairing will also benefit your team because Eula is a high-crit damage character, and Shenhe’s buff ability will increase the already high damage Eula can inflict on enemies.

1 Rosaria

A lot of players have pointed out that Rosaria and Shenhe function very similarly in a team, and avoid using them together for this reason. Not teaming them up is a mistake, however, because as two Cryo-users, they improve each other’s performance.

Rosaria will make Shenhe’s boosts more effective because Shenhe requires at least one other Cryo-user on her team to fully take advantage of her abilities. Their similarities are also beneficial if your planned approach is to use an all Cryo team because they will both interact with all other Cryo-users by boosting damage.

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