Genshin Impact: Best Team Members For Chongyun

Genshin Impact is full of secrets to uncover, locations to discover, and characters to meet and get to know. Plenty of these are available through the gacha mechanic to play in the game, whether as limited or permanent five-star characters, or new, permanent four-star characters.

Chongyun is one of the permanent four-star characters available for you to pull from a banner at anytime, assuming you are lucky enough. He's a Cryo character with a claymore, and his element opens up many possibilities for how to build him and use him. Here are the best team members for Chongyun, offering ways to leverage his strengths in battle.

7 Fischl

When you're using Chongyun, it's important to focus on what will let you keep him in rotation when his skills are recharging. Fischl is a great choice as one of the characters you can swap out when Chongyun needs to recover, but also an excellent choice for when you're using Chongyun to set up reactions.

Fischl's Elemental Skill has an incredibly short cooldown, meaning you can use it again and again and keep it on the field. Her skill summons her raven, Oz, who deals Electro damage to the enemy even when you switch out Fischl with someone else, such as Chongyun, to deal Cryo damage and create Superconduct reactions.

6 Diona

Diona is a great character with multiple capabilities that can come in handy. She is a great Support character but can also be built as a Sub-DPS, though her capabilities are best suited for keeping you afloat in the heat of combat.

By putting both her and Chongyun on a team together, you can get Cryo Elemental Resonance, giving you a critical rate boost for all your characters, including Chongyun and any other DPS characters you might have in your party. Plus, Diona provides shields for your party as well as healing, fulfilling the Support role.

5 Sucrose

Sucrose is a great Support and Sub-DPS character who can come in handy especially when doing time challenges, fighting mobs, or when playing through the Spiral Abyss part of Genshin Impact.

Sucrose's Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst both focus on crowd control. She creates a vortex of wind that contains the enemy and amplifies the active element. You can easily use Chongyun's powerful AoE Elemental Skill and switch to Sucrose to create a vortex, trapping enemies within it and spreading Cryo.

4 Xingqiu

Easily one of the most versatile characters in the game, Xingqiu is a natural fit for a Chongyun based team. He's right as home, as a Sub-DPS Hydro sword user with a solid defense stat. Xingqiu's skills can buff your team's defense, but his Elemental Skill and Burst also stick around when you switch to another character.

You can use Xingqiu's Elemental Skill and Burst in conjunction with Chongyun's freezing capabilities to constantly freeze your opponents. After using Xingqiu's Elemental Burst or Elemental Skill, switch to Chongyun, use his Skill, and get freezing.

3 Diluc

Diluc was one of Genshin Impact's first five-star characters, and he remains one of the best available characters in the game. He's a permanent five-star character, so you have a better chance of summoning him at some point than the more limited characters. He's a great DPS character who can complement Chongyun for a variety of reasons.

Diluc makes it easy to set up powerful Melt reactions thanks to his Elemental Burst. You can use Chongyun's skills to spread Cryo and then switch to Diluc, use his Burst, and start attacking like wildfire. The Melt damage is doubled when you do it in this order, as opposed to vice versa, so you're getting this most out of this set-up.

2 Yanfei

Another Pyro user, Yanfei was a four-star character first released on Zhongli's rerun banner, and she's both powerful and fun to play as. Yanfei's combat works by stacking normal attacks to unleash a powerful charged elemental attack. Thanks to her rarity, she's easy to build, and her constellations significantly power her up.

You can use Yanfei in a way similar to using Diluc, except the difference is that all of Yanfei's attacks are elemental attacks, meaning creating Melt reactions with her is even easier.

1 Kaeya

Another reliable Cryo character is Kaeya, and since he's free and can be unlocked simply by progressing through Genshin Impact's opening act, this makes him a viable option for everybody. Using Kaeya lets you have Cryo Elemental Resonance, so once again you'll be able to increase the critical rate of your team.

Kaeya's skills also have a much shorter cooldown time than Chongyun's, so you can build him as a reliable Sub-DPS to switch out in between Chongyun and another character, letting you keep freezing enemies or initiating Superconduct or Melt, if you plan on bringing along a character like Fischl or Yanfei.

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