Gecco Unveils New Statue Of The Wraith From Dead By Daylight

If you miss the killers from Dead By Daylight, you can never be without one again. Gecco’s newest figure, standing 360mm tall, is a Dead By Daylight statue for the killer “The Wraith.” 

 Gecco is promising a Dead By Daylight series of statues, beginning with the killer The Wraith, featuring his iconic weapon “Azarov’s Skull” and the cloaking device the “Wailing Bell,” which is attachable to the left hand by a magnet for display.

The statue features white LED lights in its eyes, which can be switched to red to match the color he emits in the game. The platform the statue stands on is modeled after The Wraith’s signature haunt, “Autohaven Wreckers.” 

This collectible costs $359.99 and has a release window aimed at December 2019 to January 2020. You can check out the official website here.

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