Garblag Games Announces The Enemy Within WFRP Live Stream Sponsored By Cubicle 7

Tabletop roleplaying game resource and live play stream studio Garblag Games recently announced a new upcoming TTRPG live play streaming campaign featuring the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) 4E system. More than just your average tabletop roleplaying stream, this one is being sponsored by Cubicle 7, the creator of WFRP, and have provided Garblag with loot to share with the game’s viewing audience.

Garblag Games will be using WFRP’s The Enemy Within setting for this campaign, with the first episode currently scheduled for January 14, 2021, at 21:00 GMT (1 p.m. PST / 4 p.m. EST), on the studio’s Twitch channel. Following episodes will stream there and then each Thursday.

Garblag Games released an announcement video trailer to accompany the announcement post on Twitter. The video trailer introduces the campaign’s world backstory and setting the players will be embroiled in, for everyone not familiar with WFRP or The Enemy Within setting. As of this writing, there’s not yet an intro to or info on the players who’ll be playing, or their characters. But there’s still some time before the first episode, so hopefully, that info is incoming.

This will not be Garblag Games’ first foray into the WFRP system. In fact, you’ll find three full seasons of WFRP live-streamed videos over on its YouTube channel. That campaign is titled Flint & Steel, with each season consisting of between 12 to 14 videos, and begins with the group playing the second edition of the system. For reference, the playlist links to Season One is here, Season Two here, and Season Three here. The studio also ran a Flint & Steel Side Quest one-shot session on December 24, with it showing the group using the modern fourth edition.

In case you’re unfamiliar with WFRP, the first edition was published way back in 1986 by Games Workshop, the publisher of the Warhammer Fantasy Battle (WFB) tabletop miniatures wargame created by Rick Priestley. WFRP shares the same grimdark setting that was developed for WFB, including the Old World grand setting, and the more localized Empire setting. WFRP has some common elements of traditional fantasy roleplaying games, such as elves and goblins, but also closely resembles the real-world Renaissance era.

Click over to the Cubicle 7 website for more WFRP and The Enemy Within info, and follow Garblag Games’ Twitter channel for updates on the live play stream.

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