Gaming Industry Drama GG Being Developed At The CW

The CW, home of The Flash, Arrow and Riverdale, is currently developing GG, a comedy/drama series that focuses on a young woman confronting the challenges of the male-dominated gaming industry. Behind the scenes are Hollywood heavyweights Kim Moses and J Moses, founders of production company OptIn.

According to J Moses, “Our mission at OptIn is to integrate technology into entertainment in a way that reflects our daily lives. Our first series demonstrates this intent, as GG bridges the two industries at a time when engagement for both is surging rapidly.”

J Moses was the President of BMG Interactive, the video game division of BMG Entertainment that commissioned Grand Theft Auto, the fourth-highest selling video game franchise of all time, in 1997, while Kim Moses has produced Profiler, Ghost Whisperer and Reckless. The siblings will be working with Debbie Liebling, who produced Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story and Borat, and Daisy Gardner, a writer on Californication, 30 Rock and Silicon Valley.

The former CEO of Ugo Entertainment, an online publisher that delivered information and entertainment for gamers, J Moses has been a pioneer in the gaming industry. Ugo was eventually sold to Hearst for an undisclosed figure in 2007 and then to News Corp’s IGN.

The new one-hour dramedy will be told from a first-person perspective, as the protagonist struggles for acceptance in the gaming world after joining an esports team.  Currently, studies show that women make up 30% of esports viewership and 35% of esports gamers, yet these numbers are growing.

Women must also contend with the toxic culture that often accompanies gaming. In the past year, countless instances of sexual harassment or discrimination in gaming have been reported. In June, countless individuals in the gaming industry came forward with allegations of gender-based discrimination, harassment and sexual assault in statements posted to Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and the blogging platform TwitLonger.

GG will undoubtedly reflect all of these stories as well as provide a behind-the-scenes look at the world of gaming. The CW has not yet announced a release date for the new series but we’ll keep you posted.

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