Games Made More Fun By Cheating

Most gamers have at least tried out some kind of cheat in their favorite games. While cheat codes are a bit harder to come by nowadays than they were just a few short years ago, plenty of us rejoice when our latest purchase features a few fun cheats.

As the medium of gaming changes, it makes sense that cheat codes can be more difficult to implement without taking away from the intended experience. Especially with the advent of online gaming, cheating is viewed as nothing but a bad thing by many people. However, cheats aren’t always bad, as there are lots of cheats simply meant to amuse gamers that dig deep into their favorite titles. These games are actually enhanced by cheating.

Mortal Kombat – Blood Code

There are many fighting game fans who believe that the Mortal Kombat series needs to be as bloody and gruesome as possible. When the original Mortal Kombat reached home consoles, its violence was censored, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t a way for mischievous kids to get blood back into the game.

For sneaky Sega Genesis players, A, B, A, C, A, B, B was the trick in order to get all the beautiful 16-bit gore back. While the change truly was minor, the difference was huge, especially in the minds of the impressionable youths of the nineties.

The Grand Theft Auto Series

One of the most mischievous, yet also occasionally realistic game series around, the Grand Theft Auto franchise is no stranger to numerous amusing cheat codes. Many gamers find that there’s something beautiful about adding even more chaos into an already chaotic world.

Some players may opt for complete invincibility so they can see just how destructive of a force they can become, while others may be interested in specific weapons, vehicles, wanted levels, or even explosive punches. There’s no shortage of codes for the series, and each entry has its own unique cheats to try out.

Simpsons: Hit And Run

In what is considered a cult-classic Grand Theft Auto clone game, Simpsons: Hit and Run is generally considered one of the best games from the property. The Simpsons is already hectic enough, but throwing in an open world that is filled with interactable objects only creates an even wilder game experience.

Fans of the game likely have many of the game's cheats memorized, but one stands out above the others. One of the biggest components of the game is its driving sections, and there is one mighty cheat that allows players to blow up any other vehicle with even the lightest tap.

GoldenEye 007

Released in the middle of the cheat code craze, GoldenEye 007 featured some of the most memorable cheat codes of all time. While there are tons of interesting cheats that can make the entire experience a blast for any player, many label DK mode (L + R + Down. L + R + C-Left) as the best of the best.

The cheat does exactly what you might expect. In-game models morph to have enlarged heads and arms that dangle down to their feet. It’s something any gamer should experience once in their life for the sheer absurdity of the cheat.

Age of Empires 2

As far as cheat codes for RTS games go, the ones in Age of Empires 2 are pretty hard to beat in terms of amusement. The game itself can be quite difficult at times and many players will find themselves having more fun by cheating to provide themselves with additional resources, but those aren’t the only cheats on offer.

There are plenty of unique units that can be added to the game with the help of cheats. The Cobra Car is one such unit that acts as a classic sports car that both moves fast and can mow down enemies in seconds, if not instantly.

Saints Row Series

With how incredibly bombastic the Saints Row series has been since its inception, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the games have plenty of cheat codes for players to joke around with. Mastering the game’s countless cheats makes exploring the open world far more fun than it otherwise might be.

Someone armed with a full list will be able to keep their character fully stocked on everything, but the real fun comes from the cheats that actually affect the characters in the city. The Heavenbound cheat is always good for a quick laugh as your defeated enemies float into the sky.

The Sims

The idea of cheating in a game like The Sims may seem strange at a glance, but in a game where you can do pretty much anything, all cheats do is offer even more layers for you to work with. The series is home to one of the most notable cheats of all time, one that fans know as rosebud, and later motherlode.

The cheat was able to be further exploited by being activated multiple times in order to basically supply players with infinite money. There’s plenty of mischief to be had for players who are more or less the master of the game’s economy.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Metal Gear Solid fans may be wondering what this entry is doing here, but those same fans should all know about the most infamous boss from Snake Eater. The boss fight against The End is one of the toughest in the series for players that take on the challenge in an honest way.

Those who aren’t up for the challenge might just have more fun by cheating to get past the boss fight. The most iconic of the options to avoid the difficult fight is to simply save the game in the fight and wait a week before coming back to the game. After all that time, the boss will have died of old age.


The Doom franchise has always been about setting a player out in the biggest power fantasy possible, so it makes sense that a simple cheat code can make players feel unstoppable. The original Doom may seem like a strange pick for cheats, but invincibility is one of the best ways to feel powerful.

Entering ​IDDQD on PC will allow players to activate the game’s god mode. Being able to blitz through the game’s toughest levels and take out most demons that you come across with your bare hands is always a joy.

Countless Classics (The Konami Code)

It’s entirely possible that the Konami Code is the most famous video game cheat code of all time. In an era of gaming that was plagued with notoriously difficult games, the Konami Code was an absolute lifesaver.

Fans can likely recite the simple code off by heart, Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. The famous code used to reward additional lives has featured in plenty of famous franchises, and the cheat has done a lot to create unique experiences in every game it’s featured in.

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