Games Inbox: What’s the best new video game IP of this gen?

The Thursday Inbox asks whether Red Dead Redemption II reviews were too generous, as one reader hopes that Bluepoint are making an Ico remake.

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Not a sequel

With the next generation first approaching my interest is, always, on the games more than the hardware. Given the uncertain increase in graphical abilities I’m not really sure what to expect from the new consoles but what I am hoping for is new IP, i.e. things that aren’t sequels or licensed games. We have had so few of these this gen that I think it has been the biggest failing by far.

I can only hope publishers think the same way but it has got me wondering what is the best new IP of this gen, after all it’s not like there’s been many. Bloodborne is the first to come to mind, even though it’s a SoulsBorne game and so not completely distinct from Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls from the previous gen.

ARMS was pretty good on Switch but a bit underdeveloped and there’s been no sign of a new one so far. Splatoon sort of counts, because it started on the Wii U, but there’s still debate as to which generation that is, but I’ll say it’s a pass and so the best new game Nintendo has had in a long while.

Overwatch, Rocket League, and the often forgotten Nioh have also been really good. Sony has also been excellent in general in terms of promoting new IP and while it’s not the best they’ve put out I think Horizon Zero Dawn has the most potential. Loved the setting, the art style, and while it was a little shallow there’s plenty of scope to improve it. So I think it’s between that, Overwatch, and Splatoon. Three great games but it’s not exactly a crowded category!


Grass roots protest

I don’t pretend to know much about League Of Legends or Riot Games but they must’ve been rubbing their hands with glee at the timing of their 10th anniversary and Blizzard’s recent (self-inflicting problems). When Nintendo is cancelling fan events and barely making any effort to promote Overwatch, after years of waiting, you know you’ve really gone too far. And yet I wonder whether they really care? I imagine they think all this will just blow over and at the same time they’ve earned a ton of kudos points with China.

It’s terrible but for the first time in a long while I’m proud of the reaction from average gamers who have been completely against Blizzard’s actions and have come up with lots of imaginative ways to protest them – loved all the stuff with Mei in particular.

I don’t see any of Riot’s games really taking over though, as the artwork and game world seems very generic. Perhaps I’m just being ignorant because I’ve never really played them but they don’t seem at all memorable, which is the opposite of Overwatch’s characters. I’m curious to see how the fighter turns out at least though, that seemed the most interesting to me.


Evolving opinions

I’ve often wondered about this but have never found the conviction to ask. With the upcoming release of Red Dead Redemption II on PC it made me wonder about reflections on games. More specifically, now that the game has been digested for a considerable period on consoles how do people feel about it on reflection?

The reason I use Red Dead Redemption II as an example is that it released to universally excellent reviews, and yet I’ve noticed in the Inbox and other places some criticism levelled at the game on occasion.
So, accepting the fact that patches and updates will have had their way, which is a common feature of modern gaming, I’m interested to know what people think about the game on reflection.

In the broader sense has GC ever reviewed a game that their own opinion has markedly changed towards later, because something clicked, or unclicked as it were?

I should say that this is not a trick question or a criticism, as you can only ever review what gets put it front of you, patches, warts and all.

GC: It’s only natural for opinions to evolve over time. Red Dead Redemption II has always been an odd one though. We thoroughly enjoyed our time playing it and yet neither the gameplay nor the storytelling stands up to close scrutiny, which we think has been more widely accepted in the months since its release.


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Out when it’s ready

Hello! Do you fine bunch know what’s going on with this RPG Maker MV for the PlayStation 4? It was meant to come out a few weeks, right? And I was tempted. Now it seems to be coming out closer to Christmas? What gives, here? Why does it keep getting pushed back? Is there a translation issue or something?

Let me explain why I’m interested in this. I’m not the most patient of players but I can easily lose half an hour or more in a character creation menu – especially one that is very well stocked. Creating a level in something like Super Mario Maker sounds daunting, though I do have fond memories of the track editor in Micro Machines back on the Mega Drive. But as an aspiring novelist, I was wondering if I could, er, ‘gamify’ my stories! That would be interesting and maybe even a useful promotional tool.

Probably a lot of work. More than it takes to write a 100,000 word first draft actually…

GC: We don’t remember the last time any game had a proper explanation for its delay. RPG Maker MV is currently scheduled for 12 December.


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