Games Inbox: What was the most upsetting video game delay ever?

The Evening Inbox wonders how GTA V still manages to be in the sale top 10, as one reader asks for advice on buying a gaming TV.

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Delayed reaction

You got me worried with that Mega Drive Mini delay story, but thankfully it was only two weeks. But it made me think about what have been some of the worst delays, many of which were Nintendo. I’m not sure they really count though because they clearly do it to get the games just right and I actually now find it’s a good sign, whether it’s Zelda: Breath Of The Wild being put back a year, the recent Animal Crossing delay, or even cancelling Metroid Prime 4 and starting again from scratch.

I think the worst one was Red Dead Redemption II though because that really seemed to be happening, after already been delayed from autumn 2017 to spring 2018. The delay to the autumn was a surprise to me and I was pretty gutted. I guess in the end it was for the same reason that Nintendo delays games, but I always worry with Rockstar it’s more a case of them getting self-indulgent, and there’s plenty of evidence of that in the game. Put then again it is absolutely massive and the graphics are incredible, so it’s hard to get too angry.

So what are other reader’s least favourite delays? I should think Kingdom Hearts III would be another one, but that’s not my cup of tea so I wouldn’t really know.


Back burner

I’m really torn on the new Fire Emblem now. I never played Fates but Awakening is one of my favourite games ever. Before your review, Three Houses was an absolute must buy but now I’m really unsure. Do I really want to play 80 hours worth of an inferior version to Awakening?

I pretty much never play anything you mark below an 8 these days, as I just don’t have time to play everything. Other reviews were much kinder to the game and I don’t mind convoluted menu screens or low-tech graphics. It’s the tedious fetch quests and lack of new ideas that is really putting me off.

Guess I’ll leave it for now and see how I feel in a few months, it’s not like I haven’t got plenty of other stuff to play.
Ryan O’D

GC: Why did you never play Fates? That seems odd if you liked Awakening so much. We’d start with that and then worry about Three Houses later. It’s not as good as the 3DS games but it’s still entertaining enough.


Christmas Doom

Nice to see Doom getting a re-release before Doom Eternal comes out in November. A quick question GC, or anyone else that may already have bought Doom 3, is it the original game that’s been ported or the BFG Edition from a couple of years ago? I only ask as if I remember correctly the BFG Edition sorted out the problem of not being able to hold a gun and torch at the same time.

£16 for the three seemed quite reasonable until I also remembered the BFG Edition came with 1 and 2 supplied, which suddenly drops the nostalgia rating.

I feel for Doom as a franchise, as no doubt Eternal will be an excellent first person shooter. You also know it will be in the bargain bin within weeks as a Christmas casualty – you could say it was Doomed.

Interestingly, there also seems to be a PEGI rating for Doom 64 for PC and PlayStation 4 which I personally felt was one of the better efforts.

GC: The Doom 3 re-release includes the Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Missions expansion packs but there doesn’t seem to be any mention of the BFG Edition or Doom 1 and 2. We haven’t played it though so perhaps a reader can confirm.


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Old reliables

I would love to know how GTA V is still in the top 10 charts despite being almost six (!) years old. Sure, it’s a fantastic game but who has waited so long to take the plunge and buy a new copy? I see Mario Kart 8 (five years old) is also still part of the chart, but that seems to make a little more sense since presumably (as I may do myself, despite having it already on Wii U) people pick it up when they buy a Switch.

If anyone has recently bought GTA V new, I’d like to hear your reasons for why you finally bought it now.

GC: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which is the version that’s in the chart, is only two years old. But the logic is the same: if you buy an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 then many people immediately get GTA V as well. We also suspect many will have probably sold their original copy at some point and then pick up a new one, after a few years, to see how GTA Online has changed.


No easy answers

I’m hoping to buy a new TV for gaming soon, what features would I need on it? I’ve noted down 4K, HDR, and a game mode setting. Is there anything else?

GC: It’s all much, much more complicated than that. We’re not really experts though, so hopefully a reader can write in and give you some pointers and perhaps a reliable online guide.


Unsung hero

I missed the Hot Topic at the weekend, but my most played multiplayer game would easily be Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, released in 2001. Me and my two brothers would spend hours making our own levels using the mission editor, then spend even more hours playing them over LAN. Anyone who loved that game as much as we did would know that the modding community for that game was HUGE, which prolonged its life dramatically.

I believe the game is now relicensed as ArmA: Cold War Crisis. I don’t have a powerful enough PC to run the newer ArmA titles but I see the modding community is still going strong, which is great to see.

GC: The modding community for ArmA in general spawned both DayZ and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, so it’s been hugely influential for a game most console owners have probably never heard of.


Seeing the light

RE: DashK. Sorry, but I think you was a bit harsh over the weekend feature and to be fair pal I didn’t agree with everything mentioned either. However, I can fully understand the ridiculous light issues on the PlayStation 4 controllers completely! Why on earth have a light permanently on for what is supposedly used for VR gaming when everybody doesn’t own a PSVR?! (There should be at least an option to turn the can light function off to save the power of the internal rechargeable batteries.)

And the next thing about the build quality of the PlayStation 4 controller, well that’s just another story I haven’t got time to write about! Just for the record, no, I’m not a Sony fanboy either; I’m just a very long time reader of GC.


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Fair points

A little bit of fanboy reaction to the PlayStation 5 weekend feature. Especially that guy in the Morning Inbox calling the feature’s writer a punk and shaming GC for running it, ridiculous. The areas of possible improvements in the article are generally recognised weak areas for Sony.

There’s been enough complaints to see many PlayStation 4 models have loud fans. My early Pro model gets very loud. I now play it using headphones, it gets that distracting.

I like the DualShock 4 but the thumbsticks are the poorest, by some margin, on equivalent pads. i.e. Xbox One and Switch Pro Controller. It’s not their durability, I find the DualShock 4 sturdy. It’s that they have large dead zones and poor contact with your thumb when pushed to their extremities. In terms of arrangement and design it’s widely regarded as not the most ergonomic and suffers a little from keeping its iconic look. There was an issue with the rubber on the analogue sticks splitting too.

I’ve little issue with PSN, it works fine. But enough users have complained about poor download speeds to see the network coverage is a little patchier than Microsoft’s. Sony have conceded this point by signing up with Microsoft to use their Azure infrastructure for future streaming needs.

It is stupid that the light bar on the controller can’t be turned off. Sony’s attitude to backwards compatibility this gen has been rubbish and it’s Microsoft’s superb efforts that’s made it a topic of concern and given Sony no choice but to talk it up for PlayStation 5. I do think PlayStation 4 back compatibility would off featured in PlayStation 5 anyway, but Microsoft guaranteed it.

I’m a happy Sony customer but all the points in the article are valid and some reactions to it has shown to me fanboyism still lurks on the Internet.
Simundo Jones


Inbox also-rans

Good point about EA and its sports sims. I remember when they ditched Fight Night they said it was because UFC was now bigger. We got three so-so games based on that and then they just gave up, so can we go back to boxing now, please?

For all Deadly Premonition fans, SWERY has just announced that the The Good Life has been delayed to next spring. As long as it still exists though I’ll be happy.


This week’s Hot Topic

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Regardless of the quality of the games themselves what setting is your favourite and why? Is it a version of the real-world or something completely fantastical? Why do you think it works so well and how consistent is the universe between different games?

How much do you care about background lore in video games and what’s your preferred way of getting that sort of information across?

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