Games Inbox: What video game has the best post-game content?

The Thursday Inbox is glad that Nintendo has never gone third party, as one reader insists that all loot boxes are bad, even cosmetic ones.

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God of side quests

I just completed Assassin’s Creed Rogue yesterday (disgustingly underrated by the way) and my favourite thing about it (and Black Flag) was the sense of exploration and discovery that I just don’t feel in other open world games these days. The best part was coming across the Native Pillar side quest thingies; each one feeling like the challenge tombs in the newest Tomb Raider games, but even less challenging (surprised that was possible). Each one was a joy to discover despite its lack of challenge. I wish side content in games was more engaging rather than just being plentiful.

I feel the latest God Of War possibly has the best side missions/post-game content I’ve ever seen in a game, with the Valkyries being an absolute highlight. Oddly enough, I don’t recall hearing anyone praise God Of War for this, do people care about it or are they jaded from years of samey, meaningless fetch quests?

I don’t really know what the point in this letter is other than to praise the games that get the optional quests correct. I’d also be interested in what other folk consider good/great side quests.

GC: God Of War gets a lot of praise for its side quests. In fact, the Valkyries are mentioned in one of the Reader’s Features this weekend.


Short but sweet

The excellent reviews for The Outer Worlds have certainly piqued my interest for the game but I’m normally put off by lengthy role-playing games like The Witcher 3 and the Fallout games, which can last over 60 hours for one playthrough, as I prefer to play more games rather than just one that will take me a few months to finish.

I read an article from Obsidian which said that the game isn’t a 100-hour epic, so I wanted to ask GC roughly how long it is for one play through?
Angry_Kurt (Twitter)
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GC: You should be able to get through it all in about 30 hours, although like any role-player you can also spend much longer with it than that, if you want.


Friendly hardware

Monday was October the 21st, which means it is 27 years since the Amiga 1200 launched.

While it wasn’t the most popular Amiga it will always be my favourite.

I got my Amiga quite late, in fact I remember the salesman trying to convince me to go with a PC as Commodore had folded.

My trusty A1200 was my main computer until I was dragged kicking and screaming to the PC in 2000.

Playing games such as OnEscapee, editing docs in Wordworth, making animations in Deluxe Paint V and making music in Octamed. The A1200 did it all.

Although computers have gotten much better and more powerful, I find that these days my computer is pretty much an appliance.

The Amiga was a mate, I miss it. Thankfully for my birthday this year I received a copy of Amiga Forever. Absolutely fantastic.
Commodore Fan

GC: Did you know amiga is Spanish for female friend?


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Nintendo difference

PugMartin makes a good point about Nintendo potentially innovating ‘away’ from the ideal Switch set-up. Before I got the machine I insisted nothing of note would be lost if they went third party, as all their best games would work at least as well on other hardware. I was sure of this in the wake of the Wii U disaster.

Now I feel like I’d have to reset all the gaming habits I’ve built up in the past two years as I get most of my gaming done portably (first party and otherwise) without even leaving the house, and I’d hate to lose that. Even if all their future machines were portable with an HDMI-out option, I’d prefer that to them going back to a machine that’s tethered to a TV.

GC: Most of Nintendo’s best games come from developing hardware and software simultaneously, often creating one to aid the other – whether it be a whole console or just a peripheral. A third party Nintendo would be a completely different company.


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