Games Inbox: What should the next gen Xbox be called?

The Monday Inbox is not impressed with Mario Kart Tour at all, as one reader celebrates Cuphead’s 2nd anniversary.

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Name game

So I imagine we’re all assuming that the next gen Sony console is going to be called the PlayStation 5, even though they haven’t said that yet. I guess there’s an outside chance it could be called PlayStation Stream or something, if they’re going big on that, but I’d say it’s a 90% dead cert that it’s going to be PlayStation 5. But what about Project Scarlett?

Obviously it’s not going to be called that and definitely it’s not going to be called Xbox Two (I’d almost want it to though as that would officially beat the Wii U as worst name for a console ever) but what else are they going to go for? Some kind of reference to their streaming/cloud service I imagine, as that’s probably going to be much bigger for them. But is Xbox Cloud really that appealing a name?

None of the Xbox names have really made much sense, although I liked the Xbox 360 just because saying, ‘360’ sounded good, even though it didn’t seem to mean anything. So I guess they could go for that – some kind of initial or acronym, maybe? Or a random word like Xbox Xtreme or Xbox Smash or something. It’s a tricky one and I can only imagine how much some marketing person is getting paid to think over the same problem.

What does everyone else think? I’m kind of partial to Xbox 4K myself: simple, means something (4K and it’s the fourth Xbox) and easily remembered. Don’t know if they’d go with it thouh.


Good start

I like the feel of the Switch Lite in my hands, although I haven’t played it much (thank you for heads up with Curry’s fantastic deal by the way, I can’t wait to start Zelda again after all these years).

I suppose I’m correct in believing the sales of the smaller console will be combined with big brother and not treated separately. Watch the combined sales figures go through the roof!
Ste C

GC: Nintendo are usually very good about offering detailed sales figures. In its debut week in Japan, which gets weekly data from Famitsu, the Switch Lite sold 177,936 consoles and the standard model 61,804 (which was up 10,000 from the previous week) – for a total of 239,740. That’s the third best opening ever for a Nintendo hardware revision, after the New 3DS/New 3DS XL and 3DS XL.


Happy birthday

Saw a tweet from Studio MDHR which said it’s the second anniversary of Cuphead and the game has now sold five million copies. That’s a huge amount and amazing for an indie game, especially a super hard 2D shooter. Just goes to show that quality can win out and people will try something a bit out there as long as it’s good.

It also makes me wish Microsoft, and particularly Sony would put more effort into promoting indie games because they really can be the best games around and very successful too, I mean Rocket League is indie and look at that!

I still don’t really get Microsoft allowing its games to go onto Switch but I’m sure that accounted for a lot of these sales and should see a boost for Ori And The Blind Forest as well. At the end of the day I’m just glad to see unusual, interesting games do well and can’t wait to see what MDHR came up with next (after they finally get that DLC finished!).


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The long wait

The current debate in the Inbox regarding the relative merits of Super Mario Odyssey vs. Super Mario Galaxy really does bring home just how much a matter of personal taste gaming really is.

Personally, if I had to choose, I’m very much in favour of the Galaxy games. However, even though of all my Switch games I actually found Odyssey the most disappointing, I’d never outright come out and say I thought it was a bad game, because… well it isn’t. It’s just what it offers appealed to me less than the design and gameplay mechanics of its forerunners. I certainly don’t hate it, but it has made me a lot more curious about the 3D Land/World games I missed due to not owning either of their home formats. Fingers crossed for Inbox magic on a Switch port sometime early 2020…

Nintendo have a real knack for being able to hone their AAA franchises to the peak of whatever they are aiming for with them. Odyssey’s free form exploration might have failed to grip me as much as Galaxy’s bite-sized nuggets approach but it’s unquestionably an exceptionally well-made game. A bit like Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, it’s something of a departure from it’s predecessors but whilst we all like to think we’re always in the market for something different, maybe in it’s own way, Odyssey is doomed to be one of those Marmite games that will always split the fan base to some extent.

I’m holding out a great deal of hope that whatever Nintendo and Retro are doing to Metroid for Prime 4 clicks for me. I’m biased, but I’m certain Breath Of The Wild 2 will be a winner, but I’ve got a bit of a craving to see how first person shooter Metroid handles on the Switch. The lack of anything beyond a fairly uninspired title graphic is a bit disappointing. I know they said they’d had to scrap it and start over, and I’m all for them taking all the time they need to polish it up to standard, but has there been any indication how far off any kind of news or a reveal is?

GC: No clue at all. But a good quality game would take at least three years to make from scratch, so assuming it wasn’t restarted much before the announcement in January there’s a long way to go yet.


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