Games Inbox: What should be the next Marvel video game?

The morning Inbox is unsure about Microsoft’s purchase of Obsidian Entertainment, as one reader is frustrated by Panzer Dragoon on Switch.

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Now that we’ve got three big budget Marvel games announced (Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Avengers) what’s going to be the next step for Marvel do you think? They’ve got other games, like Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 but that’s clearly not branded the same as these others, which all concentrate on specific characters or teams. It seems like they’re trying to set up a Marvel Video Game Universe but as far as I know there’s no connection between any of them. Like, I don’t think it’s the same Iron Man in the two games and I doubt Spider-Man is going to turn up in the Avengers game.

Maybe they will, but it doesn’t seem like the impression they’re giving. The best I’d say is either Guardians Of The Galaxy, since that’s a big team with a very different setting, or they’ll try and tie things into the next wave of films, which is going to be very different now that… well, I’m sure you’ve seen Endgame.

I’d say they should tie in directly but since Square Enix keep saying these are different Avengers I guess that’s not going to happen? And they’re just going to have similar characters on similar adventures, but not actually the same? Seems a bit convoluted to me, and goes against the logic that made the movies a success in the first place, but what do I know?

An interconnected game universe where plots and characters carry on from one game to the next sounds good to me though. If Marvel don’t do it the someone should.


Zelda Galaxy 2

So apparently the idea for Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 was originally going to be DLC but then they thought it was getting too much and it was best to just start from scratch and make a completely new game. And if that sounds familiar than many will know that that’s exactly how Super Mario Galaxy 2 came to be, which I’d say is a pretty good sign.

I’d also say it’s a good sign that it’s meant to come out relatively soon and not as some last gen/next gen release like the original. I don’t know, of course, but considering it looks like the same graphics as the first one too I don’t see how that’d make sense as a launch title for any next gen Nintendo console.

My prediction is that it’ll be out either next Christmas or the one after, no later than that. After all, there was good evidence Nintendo had started work on it last year so that’s two to three years at least, which seems plenty of time if all the groundwork is already done.


Providing ammunition

I do believe everyone’s entitled to their opinion but I can’t help but feel Bendu’s comments RE: Cyberpunk 2077 are exactly the reason developers such as CD Project Red do not release more in-game footage.

To complain about a game 10 months off from release is placing a mighty high bar for any company to reach. It seems a much better idea to release some cut scene footage and reduce the chance of gamers feeling let down.
DarKerR (gamertag)/DarKerR-UK (PSN ID)


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Regarding what generation Elden Ring will be on, the trailer clearly states at the end it’s for current gen consoles and PC. While games can obviously slip with their release dates, it seems unlikely they would announce those platforms on its debut trailer if they had no intention of getting it working on them.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was released 15 months after it was announced, so it may well be intended to be a swansong to the current gen. If it was an exclusive, I could see it being held back to sell units but I suspect with George R. R. Martin’s name attached Bandai Namco will want to release it to the biggest audience they can get.

I’m sure a next gen version will follow though at some point.
SuoTempore (PSN ID)


No purchase necessary

After waiting on the new Lilith DLC on Borderlands 2 I checked Google and I see that’s it’s on The Handsome Collection. Is that true? I thought it would be on the Xbox 360.

Pretty disappointed if it is. Don’t want to have to buy it again.

GC: It works with either Borderlands 2 or The Handsome Collection. It looks like it’ll only run on Xbox One though, presumably through backwards compatibility. We haven’t tried it ourselves.


So many questions

I’m surprised there’s not much talk about the Panzer Dragoon remake on Switch, which came out of the blue and as far as I know wasn’t at E3 at all but was just that trailer. Is this meant to be part of a series of remakes between Sega and Nintendo? Is it a timed exclusive? I would’ve thought a team up between one-time rivals like this would’ve had more discussion or explanation.

Why was Panzer Dragoon chosen? Does this mean there’ll be new sequels or maybe other remakes? Will we finally get a re-release for Panzer Dragoon Saga? Or will it be more Saturn remakes after this? Maybe Skies Of Arcadia and Burning Rangers? I have so many questions and I don’t know when any of them are going to be answered!

GC: As far as we know the teaser is everything that’s been announced about it so far. It’s called Panzer Dragoon For Nintendo Switch though, which implies a permanent exclusive.


To be announced

So I didn’t and haven’t actually watch any of E3 because… well… I’d rather just wait until the games are out, to be honest. I’m happy to read about what was revealed though, it keeps my expectations higher.

But it has just occurred to me that Streets Of Rage 4 wasn’t there. It is out this year, right?
Phil Spearpoint

GC: Officially it’s listed as TBA. We’re not actually sure whether it was at E3 or not, but we didn’t see it.


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Secret plan

I totally understand where that guy from Obsidian is coming from when he says a big budget can make it harder to be original and interesting with games but… why did they let themselves be bought by Microsoft in that case? I guess they probably get a bonus and that’s the reason but I predict a lot of them leaving the company fairly early on when they realise that working for a giant company isn’t all that.

Or maybe I’m being unkind and Microsoft actually just wants them to make mid-budget games still. I get the impression that’s what they’re doing with Ninja Theory, although since they started Bleeding Edge before Microsoft bought them it’s kind of hard to tell.

I think that’s why some people were still frustrated by Microsoft’s E3 conference, because it still didn’t really make it obvious what their plan or vision is for the future. We don’t know why they bought any of these companies, we don’t know if they’re going to invest in VR, we don’t know really how important streaming is going to be versus consoles, and so on.

All we really know is that they’re going to carry on making Halo and Gears Of Wars games, which is about the only thing I didn’t want to hear. I’m not saying I don’t trust them but it is a long, long time since they’ve seemed to have a plan that they can really tell us about.


Inbox also-rans

I am so hoping for arm-breaking swans in Pokémon Sword/Shield now. If it doesn’t happen it’s going to be such a missed opportunity!

Rather than put these in a drawer I thought I’d be more creative. Gold is reserved for the Mega Drive Mini.

GC: That’s a great idea!

Retro art


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