Games Inbox: Should Red Dead Redemption II have Undead Nightmare DLC?

The morning Inbox is not surprised by Rage 2’s mediocre reviews, as one reader predicts a new Game Of Thrones game is already underway.

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Undead Redemption

To me GTA V and Red Dead Redemption II on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two make perfect and I’d be willing to bet that it will definitely happen. I’m not saying I’d buy either game again but to keep the online modes I think it’s a must.

What I definitely would buy though is something similar to Undead Nightmare for Red Dead Redemption II. I love that original expansion for the first game and am very upset that we haven’t heard about anything similar for the sequel. And based on the lack of single-player DLC for GTA V I worry it’s never going to happen.

My only ray of hope is that there are a lot of supernatural Easter eggs in the game if you look hard enough, including vampires, aliens, and werewolves. So it’s obviously something that was on Rockstar’s mind. I haven’t heard anything about actual zombies but it doesn’t have to be a rerun of Undead Nightmare, just something horror-themed that gets the same sort of job done. I’d love it if it got announced at Microsoft’s conference at E3, although I’ve kind of made my peace now that it’s never happening.


Bend the lore

When it comes to a Game Of Thrones action game I’m going to bet that one does happen but it’ll be either a sequel starring whatever character are left, and the original voice cast, (or I guess maybe a prequel) or something based on the new spin-off series. As I remember the show had a fairly slow wind-up in terms of becoming as big as it is today, so companies were probably a bit caught out and then realised it’d be over by the time they got anything out.

I imagine they’ll be eying the follow-ups much more closely and wouldn’t be surprised if something was already underway. Those rumours of FromSoftware and Microsoft sniffing around both sound like they could be true to me.

Now I think of it a prequel set during Robert’s Rebellion might be the best way to go, as I’m sure Sean Bean would be up for more Ned Stark, although that may leave out too many of the show’s favourites unless they really bend the lore to suit them.


Sonic vs. Crash

I know these things always happen but who’s genius idea was it to have Team Sonic Racing and Crash Team Racing both coming out within a month of each other? Considering how long games take to make it seems bizarre that this sort of thing happens all the time.

I’m going to bet that Crash Bandicoot is going to sell best, based on the previous remakes and the fact that the film trailer has made Sonic even more of a laughing stock than usual. Although I guess you could say that may have raised his profile a bit. Although I think to most normal people they’ll just wonder why a character known for his speed has to ride a car.


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Conference bet

My bet for Capcom is going to be Dragon’s Dogma 2. It won’t be out for a while, based on what they said before, so I’m going to guess it’ll only be a trailer and that’s it, like how Devil May Cry 5 was shown off last year (maybe they’ll do it at Microsoft’s press conference too).

I know it’s not an old school franchise but I really like the game and there’s a reason it’s been re-released and remastered so many times. Add in an online co-op and the whole thing writes itself really. Bonus points if Capcom find some way to link it to Breath Of Fire.


Cinematic boost

I’m willing to bet that Detective Pikachu isn’t going to have any significant influence on the sales of Pokémon Shield/Sword, as I don’t think even Pokémon GO really gave much of a boost to Sun and Moon (which weren’t promoted in any way through the app). So I’m not surprised that Nintendo has not tried to re-release or market the Detective Pikachu game, as they know it won’t sell much even with the movie.

I really do think the connection between games and movies is completely overexaggerated in the minds of companies and many gamers. Even at the peak of Star Wars fever, with a new game by DICE, Battlefront didn’t sell any more than an average Battlefield game or any other major shooter.

I think companies aren’t bothering with Marvel games, in general, because they don’t get any major boost from a licence, never mind the expense of getting it and the restrictions on what you can then do with it. Marvel’s Spider-Man sold, primarily, because it was a good game not because it was a Marvel game (it wasn’t MCU, remember). Archnid-Boy would have sold just as well in my opinion, if it was just as good. Games and movies are just too different.


Cameo appearance

I’m going to bet that Dante is definitely turning up in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I just don’t see any reason for having only Devil May Cry 1 being released on Switch, not even the whole HD collection just a bare bones version of the first game. The amount of money Capcom’s going to make off that is going to be miniscule so it must be just to say there’s some justification for Dante in the game. Even Cloud and Joker appeared in spin-offs but to my knowledge Dante has never had anything to do with a Nintendo console.

If it’s true then that means the leaks are wrong and it leaves it wide open for who else would be in the game. I do think Microsoft and Bethesda reps are inevitable though, as they can’t keep the game Japanese-only forever. Bethesda could do with a win lately too and a team-up with Microsoft would be one of the talks of E3, so I think both will be keen.

GC: Dante was in the two Project X Zone games on 3DS. Vergil was also in the sequel.


Reliable indicator

Not surprised that Rage 2 got a bad review from GC. Although I am surprised any part of it got praise as it looked extremely bland right from the off. Once again we see that not sending out review code until the last minute almost always means the game’s bad. I don’t know why publishers don’t realise this. It’s like when they don’t screen movies for critics. There’s only one reason companies do that and people are savvy enough by now to recognise it.

Although Rage 2 might not be much of a surprise I’m beginning to despair about Bethesda and their output at the moment. They really need a hit and although I’m looking forward to the new co-op Wolfenstein I doubt it’s that. Elder Scrolls VI has got to be at E3 or they are going to be in serious trouble.

GC: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was also held back, for reasons we still don’t understand. It’s certainly a bad omen, but not a foolproof indication.


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Awkward recommendation

Disappointing to read in your review, GC, that Rage 2’s unoriginal story missions and under-utilised/boring open world let down what could’ve been an otherwise excellent game, based on the gunplay and skill trees.

I don’t delve into first person shooters too often but, being a big fan of Wolfenstein this generation, thought that Rage 2 looked like it could be a similarly exciting game. The gunplay does look very strong in the gameplay videos and the special abilities, for lack of better description, looked like they’d bring interesting opportunities to freshen up the combat.

Your review just goes to show that you really can’t know how good a game is going to be based on the trailers, gameplay, and even previews. There was no way of knowing the story missions and open world would be lacklustre from what was shown in the marketing.

I think I’ll still take a chance on the game – is the gunplay similarly strong as Wolfenstein’s? But, after reading your review, I’ll wait for a price drop before doing so.

I’m also kind of disappointed in myself for wanting to wait to buy the game until the price has dropped, as I do want to support the developer, if I like the game. In this case it seems like Rage 2’s flaws and short campaign length warrant the wait for what I’m frequently seeing as an inevitable reduction in Bethesda game prices, where Dishonored, Wolfenstein, and Fallout 76 were all being discounted pretty quickly after release, if I remember correctly.

GC: We hate to say it, but Rage 2 is very much the sort of game where it’s best to wait until it’s on sale. The gunplay is very good, although more similar to Doom than Wolfenstein, but it’s not enough; not at full price.


Inbox also-rans

Just seen that a free DLC chapter is going to be released for Moss on PlayStation VR in June, it comes out first on Oculus Quest next week. Hopefully we won’t have to wait long for the sequel.
Andrew J.

Suddenly a huge 2.8 update is available for Read Dead Online, with new missions and more. About Time.
Ste C


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