Games Inbox: Should Microsoft unveil the Xbox Two at E3 2019?

The morning Inbox worries that Days Gone’s Deacon St. John talks to himself, as one reader imagines a Giger-eseque FromSoftware game.

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Personal prediction

With E3 fast approaching all eyes are going to be on Microsoft and what they will announce. Which is a mystery in more than one way as not only do we not know what it’s going to be like but it’s also unclear whether they’ll actually unveil it properly now or wait until next year.

Sony won’t because they don’t want to put off Christmas sales for the PlayStation 4 but you could argue that Microsoft doesn’t need to worry about that so much considering how the Xbox One is selling. Except it’s still doing well in the US and I think that will count much more for their decision-making, so my personal prediction is that we won’t see the Xbox Two, or whatever it’s called, this year.

I think we’ll probably get stats, just like Sony, and they’ll be significantly more than the PlayStation 5. Not sure why Sony gave them that easy victory, but I guess they can always increase theirs before it’s out. I’m sure Microsoft will be able to show off plenty of games and tech demos will still keeping things fairly vague but it’s my guess that the real announcements won’t be until next year. Not long until we find out if I’m right!
PS: Great Reader’s Features again this weekend, especially the Zelda and Days Gone ones.

GC: They were good, but we are now completely out of new ones – we currently have none to run this weekend.


If it ain’t broke

Was just looking at the Japanese charts, since they’re still the only ones that have independent sales figures, and found out that the Nintendo Switch has just passed the 8 million mark. The PlayStation 4 is currently on 8,033,587 (see how good it is to have such specific numbers!) so that means the Switch will almost certainly pass it sometime this month. An amazing achievement given the head start the PlayStation 4 had and the fact that Sony don’t have to worry about the Xbox One as competition in Japan (its lifetime sales are 104,942 – and yes, you read that right).

As many have observed a lot of Nintendo’s weirder decisions make a little more sense when you realise they’re thinking of the home market first and foremost. So when things are doing well I Japan is when you see them at their most confident and adventurous, in theory at least. Interestingly there aren’t too many big differences in how the major games sell there, although Splatoon 2 is massive in a way that Western gamers probably don’t realise.

Zelda really isn’t that big in Japan but Breath Of The Wild was, so that guarantees we’ll be seeing more of that but more importantly I think the Switch 2 or whatever the next hardware is will be fairly similar to the original. I don’t imagine some massive change again when things are going this well.


Internal monologue

Good feature on Days Gone at the weekend. I’m enjoying it but it’s obvious that it’s no world-beater and the arguments around it are already more interesting than the game itself. One issue though, that I haven’t heard too many people discuss here, is how much Deacon talks to himself. I don’t know if the whole zombie apocalypse thing is supposed to have turned him mad but at times it just seems like he won’t shut up!

It’s a problem with a lot of games, especially open world games, but I don’t remember one where I’ve shouted at the screen so much, or found the character interrupting other people talking or the action so much.

And another thing, while we’re on the subject, what does him and Boozer (boy, these names are terrible) mean when they said they’ve been in a worse situations at the beginning? They’re in the middle of a zombie outbreak in which they’re both probably going to die and they’re trying to pretend it’s no big thing? The game’s script isn’t great but that’s the one point that had me rolling my eyes the most.


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Automatic interest

It’s great knowing that PlatinumGames suddenly have so much on their plate. I thought Scalebound would be their big break, then it looked like it would destroy them. Then a sequel to NieR, turned out to be their biggest hit! Not something anyone expected, I’m sure.

To be honest the trailers for Astral Chain and Babylon’s Fall don’t do anything for me, but just knowing the company behind them has me 100% on board already. I don’t think there’s anyone else I could say that for beyond Nintendo, and even then only for the big franchises – they can still be a bit uneven when it comes to the smaller stuff.

No idea – obviously – what the new game is but interested to see whether that’ll be their own IP or if that’s another work for hire job. Seemed like he was implying it’d be their own, so that’s automatically exciting because it means it’s not a sequel or a licence. As much as I’m looking forward to Bayonetta 3 and would kill for Vanquish 2 a new game is automatically more interesting to me, no matter who’s making it.


Too obvious

Being one of the apparently few people that played Detective Pikachu, and enjoyed it, is it not bizarre that Nintendo has not tried to re-release it for the Switch? As I remember it had some of the best graphics on the 3DS (because it didn’t use the 3D effect) so I would’ve though it’d brush up quite well. Especially as Pokémon: Let’s Go isn’t exactly a graphics powerhouse.

I know Nintendo not doing the obvious is a meme at this point but that is a particularly odd one. Even if you imagine they’re getting ready to do a sequel it still doesn’t make any sense. It actually makes less sense, because the game ends on a cliffhanger (don’t tell me whether the film does or not!).

Anyway, that’s my prediction for when the inevitable rumours pop up that Nintendo has secret unannounced games to come.

GC: It is extremely odd but, well… you know Nintendo.



RE: Doshin and the inevitable Fortnite movie.

I’m certain you’re correct and it’s almost guaranteed there’ll be a big budget CGI movie incoming at some point. I wouldn’t watch it myself if I was locked in a dark room and it was the only DVD available to watch, but then I’m not the target audience. Much like I wasn’t for the Angry Birds movie or the Fortnite game itself.

I’ve no doubt it’d make at least 500 million in box office sales from unfortunate grown-ups being dragged along by little Timmy to watch it, so I could see why filmmakers would be insane not to go for it. It’s a guaranteed gold mine waiting to be opened.

My only surprise is that it hadn’t been announced already while the phenomenon is still at its peak. You never know when it’ll suddenly be seen as ‘uncool’, like Minecraft is now.
Lost-Sock- (PSN ID)

GC: Minecraft is as popular now as it’s ever been.


Social behaviour

RE: Days Gone. Well done Korbie, great article. Good to see more and more of this type of opinion surfacing across the Internet regarding reviewers and general crazy behaviour on social media.

If articles like this keep hitting top searches there is hope!
Lee, Newcastle


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Unexpected legend

Agree with the Reader’s Feature about Zelda and Breath Of The Wild. Even if you accept there’s a plot excuse for why she’s not in the main game I don’t know why she was written like that in the flashbacks. But then all the flashbacks were very hit and miss as far as I’m concerned and showed that Nintendo is not very experienced with such things.

I think the main problem with Zelda is simply that Nintendo never imagined the original game would be so successful and that the name Zelda would become so iconic (to the point where people assume it’s Link’s name). The original game was heavily influenced by the Ridley Scott film Legend and even the name is a riff on that, the Zelda bit being fairly unimportant.

Imagine back in 1986 being told that the game would go on to become the most critically acclaimed franchise ever with several entries being named the best game ever? If they’d known that I think they just would’ve given it a better name, full stop. That said I agree Zelda does need a beefier role. I’d totally be happy with a prequel where you control the Breath Of The Wild version, as it’d be a chance to redeem that one in particular. If Breath Of The Wild 2 actually stars Zelda that’d be great.


Inbox also-rans

I still want to see FromSoftware do a sci-fi game. I always like the rumour about one with Giger-eseque artwork. That would be amazing and seems right up their street.

Can’t believe it’s only five weeks to E3 now. Best time of the year for gamers, especially as all the leaks should start hitting anytime now!


This week’s Hot Topic

With Pokémon: Detective Pikachu out this week, the subject for this weekend’s Inbox was fairly obvious: what’s your favourite video game movie?

What movie based on an existing video game franchise is your favourite and why? Is it a good movie in its own right or do you just enjoy the connection to the game? Are there any TV shows or cartoons that you’d rate higher and what do you think in general is the best way to adapt a video game into live action or animation?

Why do you think so many movies get things wrong and what advice would you give on upcoming movies or your own dream projects? And do you think Detective Pikachu (or Sonic) will change anything?

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