Games Inbox: Do you want a new Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter game?

The evening Inbox hopes that GTA 6 is not set in America, as another reader calls for Sony to announce a new Ape Escape.

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Frequent sequels

I see Ubisoft have a new annoucement on Thursday and… it’s not Splinter Cell. They really are having trouble rebooting that. And to think that was once going to be the first movie they made, back when people actually knew who Sam Fisher was.

Anyway, apparently it’s something to do with Ghost Recon, probably a new game. Which seems a bit early to me, given the last one is only two years old, but then Ubisoft do like their frequent sequels.

If it’s not some sort of expansion then personally I hope it’s a new Advanced Warfighter game, or something like it. Wildlands is an okay game but it was never much like any of the other Ghost Recon games and I really miss the days when squad-based tactical shooters were a thing. It can be a co-op game but I’d prefer something a little tighter and realistic than Wildlands, with no open world.

And for heavens sake, this time can we have a story that doesn’t feel like it’s been written by someone right-wing American gun nut. I know it’s a Tom Clancy game but he was never this bad.


Last word

So we’re finally getting a look at MediEvil this week and a new game annoucement on Sony’s State of Play thing. I wonder if this is going to be their last of these before E3? It still seems like a real shame that they won’t be there, like the rich kid on the block taking all his toys home so nobody else can play with them.

No idea what the new game is but I imagine it’ll be something relatively minor. Maybe the Ape Escape game that was sort of teased the other day? Hope it’s good whatever it is is, because it sounds like it’ll be a long time before we get any other news out of Sony. Sadly.


Switch turns

As I mentioned in a letter last week, I have recently completed Fire Emblem: Awakening. This was my first ever Fire Emblem game and I enjoyed it immensely. Turn-based strategy games seem to be my thing at the moment!

What I was wondering is, is the new version of Fire Emblem for the Switch the same type of gameplay, i.e. turn-based? I am now really looking forward to it and hope to see some more of it soon.
PS: Was the reason for no Evening Inbox on Monday due to a lack of letters?

GC: Very little has been shown so far, but it seems to be the same style of gameplay and combat. There was no Evening Inbox yesterday because of a lack of letters, exacerbated by the bank holiday. But we always run low at this time of year so if readers want to avoid more cancellations we need a constant stream of emails.


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Victory at last

If there is one letter that I never thought I’d send in it’s this one. After 688 deaths, yep 688, I’ve finally completed the fabulous and ridiculously tough Cuphead (with four hearts remaining after beating the final Devil boss!).

Many times I’d all but given up hope but it was impossible to give up on its wonderful, charming graphics and brilliant music; not to mention its top notch gameplay. This is undoubtedly my greatest gaming achievement in my 30 years of gaming. Any news on when the DLC is being released for it GC?

GC: There’s no date yet, but it is supposed to be this year.


America forever

Rockstar undoubtedly make some of, if not the most credible game worlds for player to get immersed in, with insane levels of detail. Yet many things in their open world games are so frustrating.

One such example is their steadfast refusal to move on from America as the setting. There was that London add-on donkey’s years ago (20, in fact!), but it’s been USA or nothing since. Not only that, but they also seem to just reuse the same locations every time, and what do the latest rumours suggest (though admittedly not official)?

Los Santos, Vice City, and Liberty City…
ttfp saylow (gamertag)

GC: Unfortunately, they’ve stated before that GTA has to take place in America, because it’s meant as a cultural parody as well as just a game. Although they didn’t rule out a GTA-esque game set in another country.


Embarrassingly cheap

When I complete a game I sell it on eBay and use the money to buy my next purchase. This sometimes works so well that I am sometimes embarrassed by how cheap games can be. I had £20 in my PayPal account last week and thought I would see what I could get on eBay with it.

For my £20 I managed to get Batman: Arkham Knight (£4), Prey (£4.20), Steep (£4.50), and Shadow Tactics (£5.50). These prices included delivery, so four hopefully decent games for under £20! To put this into some context, on Friday I bought some new razor blades and a takeaway curry and they cost more than the games! If you are on a budget gaming can be super cheap.

GC: You can’t argue with those deals and they are all decent or better.


Coming soon

Great to see Capcom doing well with their recent results and I agree this pretty much guarantees Resident Evil 3 remake. At this point I’d be fairly surprised if it wasn’t announced at E3. They’ve got to announce something because I don’t think they have anything major on their plate at the moment.

I just wish they weren’t so keen on all these cheesy movie tie-ins they keep making. I know the Resident Evil ones made them a lot of money but at some point they’re going to have to admit they were a fluke. I also have no idea how a Mega Man live action game is going to work. That’d have to be hyper expensive if it’s not going to be a lame Sonic The Hedgehog style thing where he’s in our world.
Hank Potato


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Japanese only

I’ve barely heard anyone mention Dante for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate before but now that it’s been said it does make perfect sense. He’s an iconic Japanese character, the Bayonetta mash-up is worth it all on its own, and Marvel Vs. Capcom already shows how well he works in a fighting game.

The only problem is this would mean the previous leaks are not true, because I don’t remember any of them mentioning Dante. I’m really hoping to see something from Microsoft and Bethesda in the game and I’m hoping that will be revealed at E3 in June.

At the moment Super Smash Bros. is entirely Japanese fighters, which just goes to show how good they are at creating memorable characters that aren’t just ‘man with short hair’ but there should be some Western representation in there somewhere. I think at the moment Rayman and Shantae as spirits are pretty much it, beyond other work on Japanese franchise by Western developers.

Bayonetta and Solid Snake are already an 18-rated character so there can’t be an excuse about them being mature or unsuitable for the game.


Inbox also-rans

Wow, Randy Pitchford sounds like a right piece of work. He does realise Twitter is all public, doesn’t he? What does he think people are going to make of him with those comments?

If I’m ever caught with porn on my laptop I think, ‘I was using it to learn a magic trick’ would not be the first excuse I’d go for. Randy Pitchford is a dodgy geezer.


This week’s Hot Topic

With Pokémon: Detective Pikachu out this week, the subject for this weekend’s Inbox was fairly obvious: what’s your favourite video game movie?

What movie based on an existing video game franchise is your favourite and why? Is it a good movie in its own right or do you just enjoy the connection to the game? Are there any TV shows or cartoons that you’d rate higher and what do you think in general is the best way to adapt a video game into live action or animation?

Why do you think so many movies get things wrong and what advice would you give on upcoming movies or your own dream projects? And do you think Detective Pikachu (or Sonic) will change anything?

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