Game Informer's Best Reviewed Indies Of 2021

From death-dealing crows to rockstars in space, there was an astounding array of independent titles to enjoy this year. Some tackled hard topics like mental health. Some let us escape into a carefree world. They released on every platform, starred in gaming presentations big and small, and even let us go hands-on before launch.

But it’s not just the amazing variety that makes these titles interesting. It seems like this year, more indies than ever walked away with top marks in Game Informer‘s reviews. Did your favorites get the top scores? Are there any amazing experiences you missed out on? Check out our list of 2021’s highest-scored indies below to find out.


Young Souls

Twin orphans Jenn and Tristan discover their adoptive father has been kidnapped and set off to save him, taking down anyone in their path. | Our Review




No two stories are ever the same in Wildermyth, so feel free to roll up multiple characters and get going on your adventure. | Our Review



Death’s Door

It’s your job as a crow to reap souls, but your latest acquisition has been snatched, and you must retrieve it to restore order to the world. | Our Review

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

This ultimate edition of developer ZA/UM’s award-winning RPG includes full voice acting and more story content. | Our Review

Dodgeball Academia

Another of the indie sports titles that are up there with the best of them this year, Dodgeball Academia is filled with personality. | Our Review


If you’re looking to play something that goes to unexpected places, this enigmatic card game should shoot straight to the top of your must-play list. | Our Review

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Winner of The Game Award’s best indie prize, Kena puts you in the role of a spirit guide helping souls transition to the afterlife. | Our Review

Subnautica: Below Zero

Diving into this chilly sequel title feels just as good as the first, as it builds nicely on the original game’s formula. | Our Review

The Forgotten City

What would you do if you found yourself in an ancient civilization where one wrong move means certain death for everyone around you? | Our Review


The clock is ticking, and time is running out as you try to save everyone from turning into mindless killing machines. | Our Review



It Takes Two

It Takes Two took home this year’s Game of the Year award at TGAs, and it also got our best indie review score of 2021. | Our Review

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