Frostpunk: How To Survive The Final Storm

Frostpunk lets you play in different scenarios; you’ll unlock them by playing and advancing in the game. Each scenario has its own background, storyline, and settings. For example, the first one you’ll play through it’s called “A New Home,” in this one you’ll lead a group of Londoners out of the city and into a new area where you’ll have to guide them, so they have a place to live, food to eat, Coal to keep them warm, etc.

This scenario has three different acts you’ll have to get through; while the first two are survivable once you understand how the game works, the final one brings a catastrophic storm that will lower the temperature to -120 degrees! Here’s everything you need to know to survive this final storm.

How To Know When The Storm Is Coming

The final storm is an in-game event that will trigger sooner or later, depending on your actions. The timer for this event will start once your people find out about Winterhome by the dying man or by having your scouts discover that place earlier than day fifteen. The final storm can come way early if you deal with the Londoners in less time than expected.

  • When scouting, don’t rush into Winterhome unless you want to face the storm way early than it’s meant to be.

Either way, you’ll know that the final storm is coming when refugee groups from the Frostland start arriving at your city; they’ll warn your people about a coming storm; that should be your first sign that you need to start preparing.

How To Prepare For The Final Storm

Preparing for this storm will make the difference between surviving or seeing all your people frozen to death. This final event will be by far the toughest you’ve faced so far. People will start to riot, discontent levels will rise (meaning that if you do get the cold temperatures under control, you can still lose by having the people throw you out of the city due to high discontent levels), so don’t underestimate it.

Coal is pivotal for surviving

If you get to this stage of the game, you’ll know just how important Coal is. After all, this material powers the generator, building’s heaters, steam hubs, and any Automaton you have working. However, in the final storm, the temperature drops very, very low, so you’ll need way more Coal than ever before.

To make sure you’ll be able to gather all the Coal you’ll need, send your scouts to investigate the coal mine and set an outpost there. This will get you 800 Coal every 24 hours. You can only have two outposts per city, so the other is up to you; you could set an outpost in:

  • Winterhome: provides you with 150 pieces of wood. This is especially useful in the endgame if you also have a Charcoal Kiln (which transforms wood into Coal).
  • The Fishing Village: provides 100 raw food every 2 hours (also very useful during the endgame)
  • Tesla City: provides Steam Cores (useful if you plan on making Automatons to work the buildings instead of sending your human workers)
  • Icebound Dreadnought: provides your city with 100 steel per day.

If you’re running out of time, you could also use Coal thumpers or Coal mines to get more of this resource. Just make sure you also build Gathering Posts to make things easier for your workers and upgrade your resource depots to have enough coal storage.

The exact amount of Coal you’ll need to survive will vary according to how much Coal your city consumes, but if you need a number, aim to have at least 7,000 units of Coal.

Don’t forget about food

Once the storm hits and it starts getting colder, most of your food-making buildings won’t be able to work. You have to prepare by stocking food rations; around 3,000 will work (of course, this number will vary according to the number of people you have living in your city).

  • Remember, it’ll be useless to have a vast stock of raw food if you can’t use a cookhouse to turn them into food rations, so make sure you are stocking up on the last ones instead.

Become a dictator

This idea might seem harsh; after all, your people have endured a lot to get here, the last thing they need is an authoritative dictator in charge. However, once you unlock the “New Order” or “New Faith” law in the Book of Laws by signing the Pledge of Loyalty, Forceful Persuasion, or Protector Of The Truth laws, you’ll be able to introduce totalitarianism to the city. This will seal the hope bar, meaning you don’t have to worry about doing things that will lower hope.

Doing so will be very useful during the endgame when you inevitably have to make tough decisions, and not having to worry about hope lowering is undoubtedly a plus.

Research, research, and research

You won’t be able to get far in this game without researching new technologies in the Workplace. To survive this storm, you’ll need to have researched:

  • Generator Power Upgrade III: This is the final upgrade for the generator.
  • Generator Range Upgrade III: extends the heat zone of the generator.
  • Advanced Heaters: raise the temperature in the buildings that have heaters.
  • Generator Safety Bypass: the generator’s stress will rise 25% slower and fall 25% faster.
  • Houses
  • Infirmary

Consider making Automatons

These robots can work day and night and won’t be affected by cold weather. However, Automatons will only have a 60% efficiency and will need Coal to function. Still, if you have enough Coal, using these machines to gather Coal from Gathering Posts is a good way of having this resource being gathered all day long.

If you plan to use these machines, you’ll have to build a Workshop, have enough steam cores, wood, and steel, and research new technologies to increase their productivity.

What To Do During The Storm

Once the storm hits, there’s not much you can do besides trying to survive.

Get rid of unnecessary buildings

First, dismantle all the buildings that are now useless to get some of the materials back and free space if they are near the generator area of effect. Of course, this will also free up some workers in case you need them elsewhere.

  • Buildings like the Workplace, food-production buildings outpost, etc will be worthless during the storm, so replace them with an infirmary or medical posts to take care of the sick.

This also includes steel-producing buildings since you won’t be needing that resource as much during the endgame, and by not sending people to work there, you’ll prevent them from being in freezing conditions.

Keep discontent under control

Discontent will rise a lot during the final storm, you’ll have to keep it under safe levels, or people will riot and kill you, ending the game. So do everything in your power to lower discontent levels like signing new laws, using propaganda, ordering new patrols, etc.

Keep an eye on the generator

During the final storm, it is perfectly normal to put the generator into overdrive. While this will keep things warmer, it’ll also increase the building’s stress level. High stress levels will make the generator explode and end the game.

  • Using overdrive is a good idea since this setting won’t consume any extra coal per hour.

To avoid this, make sure to regularly check your generator to make sure it hasn’t reached its highest stress level so you can turn the overdrive off before it does. You can get away with letting the generator reach the highest stress level by using a child or a steam core to get it back to 75% stress. However, this will only work once, so use this opportunity wisely.

Forget about scouting

Scouting at this point is rather useless since most places will be frozen by now, and all you’re going to find are hopeless survivors. You can bring them to your city, but that means more people you’ll have to provide shelter and food, too.

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