Forza Dev Promises Horizon 4 Won’t Be Deslisted "Anytime Soon"

Despite concerns from fans of the series that are aware that Forza Horizon games usually get delisted after a certain amount of time, a Forza Horizon developer has promised that the fourth game in the series won't be delisted by Xbox "anytime soon", seemingly breaking the cycle.

One of the strangest things about the Forza Horizon games is their shelf-life. Each game in the series usually lasts around four years before being delisted on Xbox, something that's happened to the first Forza Horizon game, the second, and most recently, the third. Considering each Horizon is set in a different place and has a ton of single-player content, it's always been strange that they're outright removed from purchase after a certain amount of time.

It seems that the cycle has been broken, however. Forza Horizon 4 will hit its fourth anniversary next month, which has caused fans to start worrying about the fate of the English driving adventure. For whatever reason, the fourth entry seems to have been saved from the fate of its predecessors, as one Forza Horizon dev has promised that it won't be removed from purchase in the near future.

As reported by Pure Xbox, community manager T10ManteoMax replied to a thread discussing when Forza Horizon 4 might get taken down for sale. He said, "Hey everyone, no need to worry, we’re not planning on delisting Forza Horizon 4 anytime soon". This was met with positive reactions, but also confusion as to why Playground Games or Xbox hasn't said anything about the game's status just a month before it was expected to be delisted.

It's not clear why Forza Horizon 4 of all games has been spared the fate of being delisted, but some have speculated that it could be due to the fact that it was the first Horizon game to be featured on Xbox Game Pass, which might have given it a bit more of longevity and a wider audience than previous games. It's worth pointing out that ManteoMax also said "anytime soon", so it's possible it'll still get delisted eventually.

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