Fortnite visit Durr Burger head, dinosaur, stone head statue Map locations in Season 10

Fortnite Missions are new to Fortnite Season 10 and one of the many challenges in a massive list given to fans this morning is one you might require help with.

The challenge ‘visit drift painted Durr Burger head, a dinosaur, and a stone head statue‘ could have some players stumped as they look to get to grips with an entirely new Season 10 Map.

The general map might be the same, for the most part, but there’s new points of interest and subtle changes at every turn.

Including these particular POI’s that Epic Games want you to visit as part of the ‘Road Trip’ challenges.

Thankfully we’ve had a whole season of writing Fortbyte guides, so we’re well versed in telling people where to go if they want to complete new challenges.

So read on, we’ll explain where to find the Durr Burger head, dinosaur, and stone head statue.

Visit drift painted Durr Burger head, a dinosaur, and a stone head statue

First of all, let’s find that Durr Burger head, which is located near Pleasant Park.

More specifically you’ll find it just east of the location on a hill. Its also been spray-painted with the drift skin logo. The cheeky so and so.

Next up you’ll want to find the dinosaur, which is pretty easy, but, the opposite end of the map south of Paradise Palms. It’s just next to the road, so you can’t miss it. Also, it’s a big red dinosaur. So how can you miss it?

Finally, you need to find the Stone head statue. In Season 10,  you’ll find the dumb dumb near the frozen lake, which is where it’s always been, north of Polar Peak.

Visit all three and you’ll complete the challenge.

If you need some hand-holding to help find it, just take a look at the gameplay on the above video with Fortnite Content Creator, HarryNinetyFour.

When you finish visiting all locations make sure to finish the game for your progress to count.

And that is it! Check back for more guides as we complete them.

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