Fortnite update time: Chapter 2 release date news coming today?

Even data miners are struggling to find out what time the next big Fortnite update will be released.

There are rumours that Epic Games could reveal new information today, providing gamers with a much a needed update.

This could be happening between 4am and 9am EST, or 9am and 2pm for those Fortnite gamers in the UK.

This isn’t based on much, with Epic Games managing to keep most of their plans under wraps for Chapter 2.

We say most of their plans, as a new Battle Pass Trailer leaked earlier today, providing some much-needed answers.

This included the news that the next stage of Fortnite Battle Royale would be called Chapter 2 Season 1, instead of Season 11.

But what the new trailer didn’t answer was when the next Fortnite update and downtime would be announced.

And as previous rumours have proven – a Mobile update going live on Sunday night being one of them – people can get things wrong.

Usually, Epic Games would provide a schedule for their seasonal changeover, which would usually start with downtime.

But that has all been thrown out the window this week with the destruction of the old map and its replacement being a Black Hole.

There have been a few numbers popping up every so often but this doesn’t appear to hold any hints regarding the Fortnite Chapter 2 release date.

Code found via the Fortnite website supported the theory that the game’s servers would be back online by Tuesday morning.

But this code has since changed to show an updated time set for October 17.

Information previously found in the game’s files also suggested that the “End” event would take place on October 13 and would continue until October 17.

And it should be noted that new Fortnite seasons typically launch on Thursdays, so history definitely supports this theory.

It would certainly surprise fans to learn that they had to wait until Thursday to play Fortnite again.

Many have already grown impatient and it would run against the idea of Fortnite being a live service.

But as Epic Games have shown time and time again, they’re happy to try new things to keep things fresh.

Even the way they have gone about launching a new map is rather unique and something that a lot of gamers are talking about.

Newly released odds from Paddy Power also support the idea of Fortnite returning on October 17.

“An asteroid caused the end of season 10 of video game Fortnite, by blowing up the map and replacing it with a black hole,” reads a Paddy Power post.

“Fans are now unable to play, and bookmakers have priced up when gameplay will resume after the “The End” event on Sunday 13.

“Irish bookies Paddy Power make Thursday, October 17 the most likely return date at evens, with many players expecting this to be when the game will be back online.

“However, it’s rated just 4/1 that players will have to wait until Friday, or 10/1 that it isn’t back online before the end of the week.”

The coming hours will prove whether some of these predictions are correct, or if fans will be waiting longer to start their Fortnite Chapter 2 adventures.

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