Fortnite update 10.20 patch notes: Are epic about to release a IT Chapter 2 event?

The patch notes for the 10.20 content update have arrived!

The notes don't mention anything to do with the IT crossover (though we can certainly expect that to drop sooner rather than later) but they do mention the addition of the Zapper Trap, the return of two (yes, two!) locations, and a bunch of bug fixes and updates besides.

You can read everything we know about the content update at the link below.


  • Fortnite 10.20 patch notes update: Floating Island, Zapper Trap and more


We haven't got long now until the Fortnite 10.20 patch notes drop. We've had no indication that we'll be seeing them any later than usual today, so we're still likely on track for a 12.30pm(ish) reveal.

As you can read below, we're expecting a fair amount of changes in the game this time around, the most notable of which will be the introduction of the Fortnite X IT crossover.

It's all coming at a good time, too: Apex Legends is due to start its latest event, Voidwalker, later today. You can read all about that at the link.

The battle of the Battle Royales still rages on!


Fortnite's next content update is set to be released by Epic Games very soon. The next update is expected to be content update 10.20 mirroring the past releases we've seen so far in Season 10.

Last week, we saw the game get a big update complete with plenty of new skins, and lots of changes to Turbo building among other things.

But is previous patterns are to be believed, then, we can expect this week's patch to be one of the smaller Content Updates that changes a few things up but doesn't really alter the game too much.

Anyway, here's what we do know about the upcoming patch notes, which we suspect will be dropping tomorrow, September 3rd.

And we'll, of course, be sure to update this page with more info as and when it becomes available.

Fortnite X IT Chapter 2 Crossover

Last weeks Fortnite update contained an awful lot of info and leaks.

But one of the lesser-known leaks was the tease of a possible collaboration with the upcoming IT Chapter 2 movie.

Naturally, a lot of the focus was on the new Borderlands event, but dataminers noticed that there were some new files teasing a possible IT event.

This included sound files which sounded earily similar to the creepy laughs made by Pennywise the clown. You can listen to the sound files below.

There was also a “creepy balloon” added to the game files, although exactly how it will be used is anyone's guess. We imagine it'll form part of a special IT Pennywise challenge.

With IT Chapter two releasing later this week on Friday, September 6th it would make sense for the collaboration to roll out this week.

New Zapper Trap

As revealed by several data miners last week, it looks as though a new trap item could be coming to the game.

Based on the info revealed by dataminers, the Zapper Trap will be an Epic rarity item that can be placed on floors, walls and roofs.

The coding for the trap also suggested that you’ll be able to place the trap on enemy builds, but that seems unlikely.

A content update does, however, seem like the perfect time to launch a new trap, which might otherwise underwhelm fans.

There’s been no official announcement by Epic Games on the new trap or update, but we normally see Epic Games tease the next update in tweets the night before the next update launches.

So, stay tuned for more info.

Fatal Fields Map Change

As we've seen multiple times this season, a new Rift Beacon has been activated.

This has naturally prompting many fans to believe another map change is imminent.

Officially Epic Games haven't teased anything, but a leaked loading screen for Week 6 has all but confirmed the changes we'll see.

If the loading screen is to be believed the Rift Beacon will see the return of Kevin (the cube) and the floating island.

You can see the loading screen below and the changes we anticipate we'll see following the release of the next Fortnite Content Update.

Bug fixes

As usual, Epic will be sorting out a variety of issues in the next update to Fornite – here's what we can see will be updated, thanks to the Fortnite Trello board.

The following list of issues are marked as "fixed" in the next release. Although, annoyingly, we'd take that with a pinch of salt, because sometimes these issues are still present following an update.

Even so, the company's Trello board notes we can expect the following fixes:

• Several cosmetics and pickaxe effects are not rendering properly
• Higher ping and latency in Creative Mode

You can see the full list of issues impacting the game that Epic are aware of on the above Trello link.

As usual, we expect Epic to reveal something solid on its Twitter account soon about when the update will be scheduled to arrive – we'll let you know when it does.

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